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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Would CN Asia become next KNM 集艺亚洲会否成为下一个科恩马

2008 financial crisis and force selling by banker of major shareholder cause KNM share price drop to current level. since then, KNM become like a dinasaur. Large and difficult to move. Shareholder who subcribe to it right issue have difficulties to recoup their investment.

However, many people still remember KNM move from Second Board company with share price of less than RM1.00 can move up to Main Board with it shares price move up more than 10 times.

How to find a counter with shares price can move up 10 times in short period of time?

One of the counter alsin in oil and gas industry is TH Heavy. The price have up more than 100% since the news Hong LeongGroup's  Quek's son involvement. However, the company business is significantly different from KNM.

One company have similar business with KNM of pressure vessel, a businss before KNM diversified from current state is a company call CN Asia. In fact, CNAsia list much earlier than KNM but KNM growth faster than CN Asia. It seem the management not s agressive as managment of KNM despite their factory located nearby of each other.

Few days ago, CN Asia announced that its subsidiary company Chip Ngai Engineering Works Sdn Bhd has obtained a Special License / Registration Certificate from Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd to participate in the tender to supply and delivery of unfired pressure vessels and launcher / receiver for a period of five (5) years from 30 August 2013 to 29 August 2018.

Would this be a catalyst for CN Asia to follow the foot step of KNM growth part is yet to be see?

Disclosure : the author or his close relative might have bought or hold shares in any of above mentioned company







集艺亚洲(CNASIA,7986,主板工业产品股)同科恩马扩张前业务相同,获得国油探勘(Petronas Carigali)颁发特别执照或登记证书,可参与供应非受火压力船(unfired pressurevessel)和接收器的合约竞标。最有可能的成为下一个科恩马



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