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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Online payment con and GHL Systems 支付宝网络诈骗与GHL系统

  • 投诉者从警方处获取该男子资料, 并写上不雅字眼泄愤。

On 25 Dec 2014, Three people claimed they have been cheated of about RM24,000 by an “agent” of a China-based online shopping website, Which own by US listed Alibaba.

They pay the "agent" to top up their online payment account, Alipay. Alipay own by Alibaba founder Jack Ma but it management is separated from listed Alibaba.

Despite Alibaba listed on New York Stock Exchange which propel Jack Ma to become Asia second richest businessman after Hong Kong's Li Ka Shin. It seem that Alibaba main business, is still very much within China.

Even you try to land in Malaysia, it will bring you to South East Asia page of but not home page of China's It seem people in Malaysia still unable to top up their Alipay directly and still have to relied those so call "Agent", Who have a China's Reminbi Credit or Debit Card or have a Reminbi account holder.

This is still less condusive than US eBay and Paypal. Of course, seller able to sell via eBay and collect money via Paypal. This is not the case on and Alipay.

Malaysia, with people well versed in both English and Chinese, should be able to provide a link between US and China in Ecommerce. This is big potential for Malaysia as China largest trading partner within Asean.

However, the above have been block by banking system. The payment system never link up between Malaysia and China.

Bank Negara Malaysia will impose interchange fees ceiling from July 1,2015. It is not sure such ceiling fee will included Paypal? In fact, Paypal give very unfavorable foreign Exchange rate compare to bank and Money changer to it merchant, other than higher fee.

Earlier, on 17 Dec 2014, GHL Systems Bhd’s unit, GHL Systems Philippines Inc (GHL Philippines),signed an agreement with OmniPay Inc, a non-bank financial institution specialising in payment cards, to acquire merchants under a third-party acquirer (TPA) arrangement in the Philippines accepting payments via Unionpay and JCB cards. This is one milestone for GHL systems after completed deal of epay Australia.

This is a great milestone if GHL Systems able to have a connection with China Unionpay. Unfortunately, the connection are with Omnipay but not directly with Unionpay.

GHL’s chief executive officer Raj Lorenz said “We also expect to conclude a TPA arrangement in Malaysia soon,”. If TPA Malaysia is directly with Unionpay and GHL systems able to have direct connection with UnionPay. Then, this will provide a catalyst for Malaysia to link up banking system with China and Malaysian might not required to go through those "Agent" in future. This also provide competition between Paypal and Alipay if Bank Negara Malaysia unable to regulate ceiling charge of foreign operator.

 Of course, this also enable GHL systems to tap into lucrative Alibaba group's and

Will Malaysia be the first country to link up Ecommerce between the West and China. The first country who have buyer and more importantly, seller, selling through both eBay and Unfortunately, the increase of international postage rate by Pos Malaysia Berhad on May 2013 has force many ebay seller ceased their operation.

  • 投诉者从警方处获取该男子资料, 并写上不雅字眼泄愤。







之前,2014年12月17日 ,GHL系统(GHLSYS,0021,主板科技股)宣布菲律宾子公司,与菲律宾专业于付款卡的金融机构Omnipay签约,将在当地提供支付服务给商户(简称TPA),协助吸引更多商家接受中国银联(UnionPay)国际和日本国际信用卡公司(JCB International)。





如果成功,马来西亚将成为第一跟eBay阿里巴巴淘宝同时拥有电子商务卖家 国家可惜2013年5月马邮政国际邮费涨价已经造成不少电子商务卖家终止营业

Monday, 5 January 2015

Malaysia Corporate Princess Ranking 2014年马来西亚企业公主排名

Most Beautiful Corporate Princess 2014 ( Vote by reader ) 

Last year (2013) 2nd Most Beautiful Corporate Princess Jane Leong of Mah Sing get highest vote in 2014. Thus, Jane Leong rise from 2nd previous year to become Malaysia Most Beautiful Corporate Princess in 2014.

Last year (2013) Most Beautiful Corporate Princess Kuok Hui Kwong of Hong Kong's South China Morning Post drop to  No 4 this year (2014)

Second highest vote go to Datin Dian Lee Cheng Ling of Clear Development, who husband Datuk Jared Lim Chih Li is Managing Director, co-founder and substantial shareholder of Asiasons Capital Ltd.

Most Beautiful Corporate Princess Ranking (Vote by reader):

Jane Leong
Dian Lee Cheng Ling
Quek Sue Yian
Kuok Hui Kwong
5 Diani Lee Cheng Ni
Dianna Lee Cheng Wen
Natalie Cheng (Same number of vote)
7 Ng Chuei Yeen  (Same number of vote)
Kok Pei Ling  (Same number of vote)
10 Carmen Chua
11 Sarena Cheah
12 Ruth Yeoh  (Same number of vote)
12 Charmaine Lim Puay Fung  (Same number of vote)
Name for those who do not received any vote has been excluded

Most Entrepreneurship Corporate Princess 2014

Dian Lee is still the only corporate princess that venture out on her own by co-founding Clear Water Development and never work for her father. She is definitely the Most Entrepreneurship Corporate Princess cover by us.

Most Beautiful Heard Corporate Princess 2014 (vote by reader)

Many who vote for Quek Sue Yian indicated that they vote her because they feel Quek Sue Yian have "beautiful heart" rather than her appearance. She get 3rd highest vote. Thus, out of popular support.  Quek Sue Yian of Hong Leong  become Malaysia Corporate Princess with Most Beautiful Heart in 2014.

Most Entrepreneurship Corporate Princess ( Editor pick )

Dian Lee is still the only corporate princess that venture out on her own by co-founding Clear Water Development and never work for her father. She is definitely the Most Entrepreneurship Corporate Princess cover by us.

Most Qualified and Experienced Corporate Princess 2014 ( Editor pick )

Last year (2013) Most Qualified and Experienced Corporate Princess Sarena Cheah get numereous award for Sunway. As we unable to find any other person more qualified and experienced than her. Sarena Cheah of Sunway has been pick by editor of this blog as Most Qualified and Experienced Corporate Princess in 2014 for two consecutive year.

Best Performance Corporate Princess 2014 ( Editor Pick ) 

Base on number of award received by Sunway in 2014. Sarena Cheah of Sunway has been pick by editor of this blog as Best Performance Corporate Princess in 2014.

Worst Corporate Princess 2014

The Worst Corporate Princess of the year got to Hanjin's Korean Air Lines Co.'s Cho Hyun-ah, 40, who faced mounting public anger because she forced the Dec. 5 flight to return to its gate in New York to remove a senior flight attendant. She was angry that the nuts were served in a bag, not on a plate, in an incident that has been dubbed "nut rage." and Cho Hyun-Min, 31 , swearing "revenge" in a text message to her sister. The message reading "I will certainly take revenge!"


2014年最美丽的企业公主  (读者投票)

根据读者在面子书investalks.com的投票. 去年第二高票,马星集团梁婧屹被读者选为今年2014年最美丽的企业公主.

去年最高最美丽的企业公主郭惠光 今年只得第四高票.

第二个最高票由丹斯里李金友的女兒李靜霖得到.Datin李静霖丈夫Datuk 林杰尔是新加坡亚昇投资Asiasons董事经理与联合创始人. 亚昇投资Asiansons 在 瑞狮集团LionGold Corp Ltd 有8.72%股份.

Datin 李静霖公司Clearwater Development  在 博诺Blumont Group Ltd 有10.62%股份.

以上三公司亚昇投资Asiansos,瑞狮集团LionGold Corp Ltd与博诺Blumont Group Ltd去年在新加坡跌停板.

2014年马来西亚最美丽的企业公主排名   (读者投票)
1 梁婧屹
3 Quek Sue Yian
4 郭惠光
5 李静霓
7 钟惠严  (同票)
黃翠瑩  (同票)
7 郭佩灵  (同票)
10 蔡嘉文 
11 谢燕蒂
12 杨佩君  (同票)
12 林贝芳  (同票)

2014年最美丽企业公主 (读者投票)

投票Quek Sue Yian 读者说是因为她心灵够可爱的. 所以Quek Sue Yian 被选为2014年最美丽的企业公主.

2014最有创业精神的企业公主 (编辑遴选)


2014年最资深有经验的企业公主 (编辑遴选)


2014年表现最好的企业公主 (编辑遴选)