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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Robert Kuok's family member appear on Malaysia-China (Guangdong) Economic and Trade Cooperation Conference

Low profile Robert Kuok's family appear on Malaysia-China (Guangdong) Economic and Trade Cooperation Conference in Malaysia during visit by Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Guangdong Province, Hu Chunhua to Malaysia

Hong Kong base eldest son  Beau Kuok Khoon-chen, youngest son Kuok Khoon Wah and  Singapore base nephew, Kuok Khoon Hong was seen attended the conference

Beau Kuok Khoon-chen (Right)

Yougest son  Kuok Khoon Wah  (left), de-facto PA to Rober Kuok

Kuok Khoon Hong, CEO of Wilmar International

Malaysian richest man, Hong Kong base Robert Kuok was seen as well connected to China authority. At one point, Coco-cola have to appointed Kuok's company as a bottling company in China to get the necessary approval to penetrate China market.

South China Morning Post, who headed by his daughter, Kuok Hui Kwong, has been criticised by grass root of Hong Kong for practise self-censorship for Chinese government, despite they are Malaysian.

Last year, Robert Kuok himself fly back to Malaysia to  announced his donation of RM100mil to build Xiamen University's first overseas campus in Salak Tinggi, Selangor during a lunch with Chinese President Xi Jinping when the latter visited Malaysia .

Market expected to see Robert Kuok himself attended the function this time. He never appear but send his next generation.

Photo from Nanyang

Update : Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Guangdong Province, Hu Chunhua in Putrajaya

Friday, 11 April 2014

Malaysia Silicon Valley of South East Asia

In 2012, Startup Genome ranked Singapore 17th on World startup ecosystem. Malaysia, was not on the list by the Silicon Valley Startup.

At rhe beginning of the week. CEO of Catcha Media, Patrick Grove  , when interview by The Edge Weekly, claim that while Singapore aggressive promote to become Silicon valley of South East Asia,  he claim Singapore do not have "Internet company" that have over $1billion market capitalization. But Malaysia have 3............, and

He further claim that we only have 8 internet public listed company in South East Asia, of which 6 are base in Malaysia.

Actually,, a company part own by Patrick's Catcha Media, are listed on Australia Stock Exchange despite their main operation and customer are in Malaysia. However, he only claim "internet company". In fact, if  technology/software company included, not just internet company,.Malaysia have more than 6 technology/software compaies listed on London's AIM, Singapore, Taiwan and New Zealand respectively. Of which Singapore listed's Silverlake Axis, base in Malaysia, have market capitalization of more than 1billion and it is in USD.

Connecting the East and West

Malaysia, with it multilingual talent, make it like Belgium of Asia ( Singapore claim they are Switzerland of Asia).

Fail:KLCC twin towers1.JPGChina's Huawei have set up base in Malaysia's PETRONAS Twin Tower KLCC, of which, Microsoft's Malaysia HQ is base in same building. Huawei expanding it R&D centre in Malaysia recently.

China's Tencent also set up a base in Malaysia to market it Wechat apps.

Partrick's Catcha's Media operate a Malaysia's MSN page. Catcha media also partner of China's Alibaba in South East Asia. It is not sure, Alibaba's Taobao South East Asia operate by Catcha, However, Catcha claim it has been offer a pre-IPO share by Alibaba recently.

Of the top 3 China's internet giant, only Baidu seem do not have present in Malaysia, despite Malaysian contribute a significant portion of search using Baidu.  Baidu oversea venture focus on Japan instead of South Eadt Asia. In fact, Malaysia can be a base for Baidu to venture into huge Indonesia market.

One difficulties is China still close it door. Malaysia still have difficulties to order from and setup account with Alipay until recently.

A social web co-founded by Malaysian base in Canada, ,which very popular in Taiwan  has been restricted by China like Facebook as China have it own It doesn't help Malaysia Prime Minister used Facebook in stead of leading market in Indonesia has been overtake by Facebook since then.

Malaysia have to make China to open it market to company base in Malaysia if it want to become a connecting hub between east and west.

Earlier, London AIM listed Red Media Asia Ltd, announced a reverse take over of Malaysia ACE listed  PUC Founder (MSC) BERHAD. Malaysia base Red Media will tap PUC Founder;s China ties as they will form a joint venture post merger.

The Founder Group, backed by Peking University, is involved in the development of technology for China’s IT, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.


According to the latest available data, the Founder Group owns five public companies listed on the stock exchanges of Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Malaysia, as well as over 20 sole funded enterprises and joint ventures with nearly 30,000 employees.
Islamic and middle east
Malaysia technology also well received in Middle East's Islamic country. Some company like Scan Associate and IFCA have strong present in Middle East.
Malaysia expecting an IPO of MOL, a company that acquired Friendster and after selling some IP to Facebook, held some equity of Facebook.

Update : MaGIC appointed Cheryl Yeoh as first CEO

Friday, 4 April 2014

Water consumption in Penang was the highest in the country?

Last Wednesday, the Chief Minister said the state government had approved the request of the Penang Water Supply Corporation Sdn Bhd (PBAPP) to conduct a study on increasing water tariffs as the last resort to reduce consumption in the state, which was the highest in the country.

Lim added that water consumption in Penang was currently the highest in the country – at 295 litres per person per day last year, followed by Perlis (241 litres), Labuan (240 litres) and Perak (238 litres).

PBA share price up on news Penang plans water tariff hike last week.

Water consumption in Penang was the highest in the country last year and the water level  currently at the Air Itam Dam has not been encouraging.
 Air Itam Dam
But the question is how they arrived the figure of consumption at 295 litres per person per day ? Even Chief Minister Lim unable to confirm it correctness. Does Penang state government has been mislead by technocrat or NGO to provide rational of higher tariff charge of other states  in the country is anybody guess?
Penang have the best water supply management of non-revenue water (NRW) at 17.6 per cent compared with the national average of 36.4 per cent,
NRW cannot be just classified as pipes leakages. we cannot discount possibility of water theft. Some state have more than 50% of NRW and average NRW of the country is around 37%.

It is ridiculous for a tiny state like Perlis have more than 66%of NRW. Shouldn't a small state like Perlis able to replace all it pipes if leakages is main reason for NRW? Rumors in the market claim that the state government close one eye on water theft to beneficial the people. If that is the case, why government not just announce a free water tariff for...say... first RM20.00 like in Selangor?
It is not sure whether NRW included in water consumption calculation. If  water consumption calculation included NRW. I doubt that Penang still the highest per person per day?

If the NRW of Perlis be included  as a calculation of water consumption. Then, Perlis, with 66% of NRW, will be the highest consumption water state in the country. Why NGO just targeted Penang? Because it has the lowest water tariff and other state unable to increase their water tariff if water tariff in Penang remain the same?
Further, Penang are a tourist and water sports destination. Does the calculation excluded consumption by tourist? tourist have to take bath after water sports etc. Further, it doesn't help if hawker and other F&B outlet need water not just to serve local but tourist as well.

It seem that Penang state government has been trapped by technocrat and NGO?
However, I always though that PBA have the lowest water tariff in the country because of their efficiency. It is surprise to discover that Penang state government provide seven (7) figures subsidy per year to achieve lowest water tariff in the country.

Then why share price of PBA increase after announcement of possible tariff hike! Shouldn't it just a  reduction of state government subsidy and have no impact on bottom line?

It seem PBA still have a lot of work to do to further lower it NRW