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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Two Jeffrey Cheah Professorships of South-East Asia Studies (SEA) at Harvard University 谢富年基金会捐赠美国哈佛大学设立东南亚研究所

The Jeffrey Cheah Foundation (JCF) and Harvard University have signed agreements to establish two Jeffrey Cheah Professorships of South-East Asia Studies (SEA) at Harvard.

HARVARD University in the United States and the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation (JCF) have teamed up to launch an initiative to boost research in Southeast Asia studies.

The two professorships were the Jeffrey Cheah Professor and the Jeffrey Cheah Visiting Professor, said JCF founding trustee Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah .

The agreements would see the setting up of two Jeffrey Cheah Professorships (JCP) of Southeast Asia (SEA) Studies as well as the funding for projects under the collaboration which included the new Jeffrey Cheah Fellowship and the Jeffrey Cheah Travel Grants.

The agreements to effect the arrangements were finalised in July between Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah (as chairman of JCF) and Prof J. Dominquez, Harvard’s vice-provost for international affairs (acting for president of Harvard).

“During our first Board of Trustees meeting, the subject at hand was the setting up of the Jeffrey Cheah Institute of Research on Southeast Asia (JCIR-SEA).

“This will be set-up in Sunway University to facilitate a two-way flow of faculty and students between Harvard University and the institutions under the Sunway Education Group (SEG),” said founding trustee of the foundation, Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah.

The JCIR-SEA centre will serve as a pioneering link between a Malaysian private university and Harvard University and will soon be globally recognised as an independent research centre in South East Asia studies and the social sciences.

 "The objective is to support and advance research, conferences and workshops related to South-East Asia studies, as well as through other scholarship collaborations, joint publications and joint applications for the research grants," he said.

 The JCIR-SEA also seeks to become the foremost independent research centre globally, in the study of South-East Asia in the social sciences which aims to be a public policy tank in that social science research will be used to contribute to the advancement of the South-East Asian societies.

"It is my hope that the establishment of this linkage with Harvard, through the establishment of Professorships and the Jeffrey Cheah Institute of Research, will provide the impetus to strengthen Malaysia as a centre for educational and research excellence in the study of South-East Asia as a growing influence in the global community," he said.

“I am proud to do this as it is my passion to provide education for the young and old. I would even encourage those in the media to pursue life-long learning for themselves,” said Cheah, after announcing the US$6.2mil (RM20.5mil) contribution to the collaboration.

Meanwhile, the establishment of the Travel Grants will be administered as collaboration between Harvard's prestigious Asia Center (HAC) and JCF.

Cheah said, HAC would select the most competitive applicants for approval by JCF and help publicise the grant programme to Harvard faculty and students.

Jeffrey Cheah Professorship (JCP) endows a US$4mil Harvard chair in SEA Studies in perpetuity i.e. it’s forever, to be awarded to an eminent scholar focused on advancing teaching and research on societies and cultures of SEA countries, among them Malaysia.

The Jeffrey Cheah Professor may focus on any of the following themes: governance and public policy; political economy; economics and development particularly of the region; business and management; public health and health care; urbanisation; innovation; education; and the study of SEA’s peoples and cultures.

The first appointment, to be made at the discretion of the president of Harvard, will be in economic development and the professorship may reside in any school of the university. The professor’s title may also reflect the incumbent’s field of specialisation; e.g. “Jeffrey Cheah Professor of South-East Asia Studies and Political Economy.”

Jeffrey Cheah Visiting Professorship of SEA Studies involves an expendable gift of US$200,000 (RM658,000) to enable Harvard to appoint soonest possible a visiting professor for a specified term while the recruitment for JCP proceeds. It will also support at least one early conference related to SEA Studies to be coordinated in consultation with Sunway University (SUY). Excess monies can be used to support a second appointment, other conferences and workshops.

 Jeffrey Cheah Fellowship in SEA Studies endows US$1mil (RM3.3mil) in perpetuity to support a Harvard graduate student conducting research focused on SEA, made available in annual payments of US$100,000 (RM330,000) for 10 years. The Jeffrey Cheah Fellow may be appointed from any school at Harvard. Excess income may be used to appoint another Fellow.

The investment, administration, and distribution of each of these three sets of funds shall be managed at the discretion of Harvard’s president. The University will provide an annual report within 90 days after the end of each fiscal year.

Jeffrey Cheah Travel Grants (JCTG). In order to advance teaching and research focused on SEA by faculty and students of Harvard University – and to support engagement with Harvard by SEA-based scholars – JCF will underwrite a continuing series of grants to support research and education-related travel to and from Malaysia and SEA. Up to US$100,000 annually will be made available for the next 10 years to support this JCTG programme. The grants will better enable members of the Harvard community to travel to SEA (with Malaysia as priority) for research or study, and for scholars and practitioners on SEA Studies from institutions in SEA (especially the Sunway Education Group – SEG) to travel to Harvard to present lectures and conduct research utilising the university’s library and museum collections and its faculties’ expertise.

The grants will be administered as collaboration between Harvard’s Asia Center (HAC) and JCF. HAC will select the most competitive applicants for approval by JCF. HAC will also publicise the grant programme to Harvard faculty and students, and will coordinate with JCF on publicising the program under SEG. Harvard-based applicants will know that travel to Malaysia (solely or in addition to travel to any other SEA nation) is a prerequisite for receiving an award.

JCF hopes that Harvard faculty and students will utilise the facilities of the Sunway Group of Companies – including SEG – and will engage with the students, faculty, and administrative leaders of all Sunway institutions, notably through teaching, scholarly research collaborations, joint publications, and joint research grant applications. This offer of hospitality is intended to strengthen the connection and collaboration between Harvard University and all Sunway institutions, and help extend the reach and impact of JCTG.

As I understand it, these funds are intended “to support the best and the brightest faculty and students from around the world (including Malaysia) as they advance teaching and research focused on South-East Asia (SEA), including Malaysia… These funds will work in tandem to advance academic discovery focused on SEA, further define (the pro-active role of Malaysia in advancing) the growing influence SEA has on our global community, and strengthen ties between Harvard, Malaysia and the region.” said JCF Board of Trustees member Tan Sri Lin See Yan.

“The funding has been done in a manner that will encourage appointed Harvard professors to see Malaysia as their research hub, making Kuala Lumpur their gateway to Southeast Asia.

“From there, they can go to Jakarta, Bangkok or any country they want,” said Lin.
Lin, whom is also a Harvard alumnus, said the agreements to effect arrangements were finalised in July 2013 between Cheah and Harvard vice-provost for international affairs Prof J. Dominquez.
The travel grants will enable members of the Harvard community and scholars from Southeast Asian institutes to travel between Harvard University, Malaysia and Southeast Asia to present their lectures and research.

“I’m sure Harvard will appoint the most eminent professors, not only in America, but in the world. I hope that the presence of a prestigious Harvard lecturer will attract research students to get involved.
“We want our Malaysian students to be inspired and follow in the footsteps of expert researchers who are leaders in their respective fields,” said Lin.

When asked about the motivation for this current initiative, the board explained that SEA studies was previously overshadowed by focus on China and East Asia; but with the region gaining strong influence in the global economy, it is now primed to provide better understanding for international business communities and enhance social relations.

Trustees of JCF are right that teaching and research on SEA Studies are important and timely to fill the present vacuum left by the concentration of academic and other interests and pursuits in North-East and South Asia. It should further define the growing influence SEA has on the global community and strengthen the connection and collaboration between Harvard University and Malaysia, and SEA in general. It is essential that the gifts generate an active two-way flow of scholars between Harvard and SEG (which also administers SUY and Monash University Malaysia or MUM) to support research, conferences and workshops related to SEA Studies as well as through other scholarly collaborations.

Jeffrey Cheah has always been passionate about education. He has since set aside all his education assets, valued in excess of RM720mil (in addition to SUY and MUM, SEG comprises also Sunway College, Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine & Health Sciences and Sunway International School), into JCF to promote education and help the disadvantaged. To date, more than RM100mil have been given out in scholarships. JCF is by far Malaysia’s largest social enterprise. He often likes to say: “I aspire to inspire before I expire.” Cheah is fascinated by Harvard’s global success, so much so he aspires for his modest SEG to become someday, the Harvard of the East and he is prepared to invest to make this happen. So, I am delighted SUY will soon establish the Jeffrey Cheah Institute of SEA Studies (JCI) to act as a catalyst in promoting SEG as an attractive hub for studies on SEA.

They should encourage development of Malaysian academic talent to upgrade their studies and research at Harvard, and the injection of Harvard expertise to help develop and improve standards in teaching and research at SEG in SEA Studies.

This collaboration should also benefit higher education generally and help establish a new benchmark of excellence to improve, and become a world class education & research Hub in this region.

These gifts provide unique opportunities to link-up with Harvard University and its highly coveted Harvard brand. It will surely raise Malaysia’s standing in education globally. Indeed, it brings to bear at home the much coveted association with Harvard which rarely lends its name to any such ventures outside US. It also helps to extend the reach and impact of Harvard to SEA, which will eventually benefit and enhance the academic standing of SEG. That’s good.

“I personally hope to see that the appointed professor will be passionate about his work and truly enjoy being immersed in the different cultures,” said foundation trustee Prof Wang Gungwu.

The contribution is expected to positively impact economies of the region through increased travels, trade and investment opportunities.

The board aims to contribute towards reaching an East Asia and Pacific region global education enrolment of 43% by year 2035.

Since its official launch in March 2010, the foundation remains committed to giving back to society, awarding over RM130 mil worth of scholarships to more than 16,000 students to date.

Other illustrious members on the foundation’s board of trustees are Tunku Zain Al-’Abidin Tuanku Muhriz, Datuk Seri Razman M. Hashim, Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam, Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, Tan Sri Rainer Althoff and Prof Richard Graeme Larkin.

It’s noteworthy JCI is being set up with the help and advice of Harvard Emeritus Prof D. Perkins who was at one time chairman of Harvard’s reputable Economics Department, and for 16 years thereafter, as director of the renowned Harvard Institute of International Development and before his recent retirement, as director of Harvard’s prestigious Asia Centre.

The aim of JCI is to be a top-notch independent research outfit, initially to bridge the gap in research and teaching in SEA Studies, collaborating and co-operating with other world-class institutions (including Harvard) and leveraging on research efforts at similar institutions worldwide, reflective of the best traditions of world-class think tanks.

 Malaysia badly needs such an initiative and Cheah’s bold effort is timely. The challenges facing us today are too consequential. The need for knowledge, imagination and deep understanding of SEA is just too great, and the opportunity to improve the human condition is too precious for us to do anything less than rise to the occasion. Cheah has sown the seeds to instil in our scholars what it means to be world-class.

谢富年基金会捐赠1860万 与美国哈佛大学设立谢富年东南亚研究所

  • 谢富年(左三) 与一众成员召开记者会, 汇报最新的动向。左起纳瓦拉德鲁、拉兹曼、林西彦、李霖泰及王赓武。

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设8个专业研究机构 广西打造中国-东协智库


Sunday, 22 September 2013

Robert Kuok succession planning crisis 2 传郭家三房争产1220亿

With reference to our blog post Corporate Princess 5 : Kuok Hui Kwong & Robert Kuok succession planning dated 30 August 2013.

Last week, Hong Kong's gossip Magazine Next weekly reported that Beau Kuok Khoon-chen has been sideline since he fall out with family when his love affair with renown singer Teresa Teng, disapproved by his family. Despite Beau Kuok Khoon-chen never marriage  Teresa Teng eventually. He marriage a Japanese lady look like Teresa Teng. Since then, It seem Robert Kuok more favor his second son Kuok Khoon Ean.

Kuok Khoo Ean has been appointed chairman of SCMP Group Ltd in 2000 and appointed Chairman of  Shangri-La Asia (69) in 2008 and become CEO  Shangri-La Asia (69) subsequent year. Shangri-La Asia (69) in Hong Kong consider as Robert Kuok's flagship company. Kuok Khoo Ean also involved in Robert Kuok's listed company in Thailand and Malaysia.

It seem that it become too much pressure on Kuok Khoo Ean, he also lack of support from his elder brother Beau Kuok Khoon-chen  . Shangri-La Asia (69) announced a 66% drop in profit in half year result ended Aug 2013.  Kuok Khoo Ean has been on leave before the announcement of half year result. Rumour in the market said that Kuok Khoo Ean has been hospitalise due to depression.

Kuok Khoo Ean  leave suppose to end 31 Aug 2013 and resume to work in September 2013. However, filing to Hong Kong Stock Exchange show that Beau Kuok Khoon-chen has resigned as chairman of  Kerry Properties Ltd (683) and has been appointed Deputy chairman and Managing director of  Shangri-La Asia (69), the flagship company of Robert Kuok. Kuok Khoo Ean  only remain as director.

It seem Kuok Khoo Ean hospitalisation has mess up Robert Kuok succession planning. Apparently, it look like Beau Kuok Khoon-chen  has regain power. Next magazine speculated that Robert Kuok might have alternative planning on succession issue as children of his first wife do not cooperate with each other.

The magazine speculated that Robert Kuok like children of his second wife. Kuok Hui Kwong become CEO and Managing Director of SCMP Group Ltd between 2009 to 2012.  SCMP Group Ltd  has been delisted on Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 26 february 2013 due to unable to meet shareholder spread requirment by Hong Kong stock exchange. However, this doesn't affect her impression in the eye of Robert Kuok.

Kuok Hui Kwong's brother Kuok Khoon Wah do not hold any position in public listed company of Kuok empire. However, he is de-facto personal assistant of Robert Kuok, his office is next room of Robert Kuok and Robert Kuok bring him along during networking lunch and dinner and pass a lot of connection to him.

Youngest daughter Kuok Yen Kwong just joint the company recently after graduate from Harvard

Kuok Yen Kwong
Next magazine also reported that it is open secret in Hong Kong that Robert Kuok has a third wife base in Shanghai but children are still too young.

Kuok Khoon Wah,Kuok Hui Kwong,Kuok Khoon Hong appear on rare TV interview in China together with robert Kuok

There is possibility of nephew  Kuok Khoon Hong takeover as captain of his empire.

 Profit of Wilmar International listed on Singapore Stock Exchange, a company lead by Kuok Khoon Hong has been equal to profit of Robert Kuok's 3 listed company's listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange combined. Impressive and not an easy achievement for other to match.

Wilmar International Ltd (WIL)., is the world’s biggest processor of palm oil and eighth-biggest sugar producer.

In 1988, at his nephew Khoon Hong’s suggestion, he branched out into edible oils. By 1993, Coca-Cola Co. was impressed enough with Kuok’s China connections to form a bottling joint venture with him.

That lasted until 2008, when Coke bought back Kerry Group’s stake for an undisclosed amount, both companies pronouncing the outcome a success.

The family’s history of that period harbors an enduring mystery: a 16-year parting of the ways between Robert and Khoon Hong, who in 1991 left the Kuok Group to set up Wilmar with Indonesian entrepreneur Martua Sitorus.

It wasn’t until 2007 that Robert acquired a 32 percent stake in Wilmar and injected most of his agribusiness into it. Neither Robert nor his nephew would discuss the split.

Update : Kuok's children seen battling for HK$300 billion fortune
 Robert Kuok still rooted to Malaysia despite spending 40 years in Hong Kong


中期业绩记者会上,执董钱满都承认郭孔演有“health issue”(健康问题)。




PPB Group(PPB:4065)50.8%

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Most beautiful Corporate Princess Poll 最美丽企业公主投票

Our Corporate Princess Series has been until Series no 7.  The series will be continue.

However, we will run a poll on 9 person that we have covered earlier first.

Reader will able to vote a Most beautiful Corporate Princess among 9 person at our facebook page
  with the following term and condition :

1 Just "like" on the person photo that you want to vote on our photo album.
2 Result might combined vote from other forum like or investalk if poll conducted in various forum.
3 However, only those who vote on AseanTradingLink facebook fan page entitled for lucky draw.
4 Winner only able to "like" one person on AseanTadingLink facebook fan page despite he/she still able to vote on other page, if poll conducted in other page like or investalk. Those who "like" more than one person on AseanTradingLink facebook fan page might be disqualified from lucky draw.
5 Only those who vote the highest corporate princess with combined result of various website entitled for lucky draw for one mytery gift to be announced later
6 Total vote received must be over a 100 vote on AseanTradingLink facebook fan page for lucky draw to be conducted. Lucky draw might not be held if total vote received lesser than 100 vote on AseanTradingLink facebook fan page. Thus, Please spread the word around so that total vote received will be over 100 vote on aseanTradingLink facebook fan page.
7 Mystery gift for Lucky draw sponsor by Monique Beauty Store and the specific gift will be announced later..
vote Most Beautiful Corporate Princess on photo album of 

Monday, 16 September 2013

OCBC one of World's strongest bank 华侨银行全球最强银行之一

OCBC Bank has been named by a leading financial magazine as the world's strongest bank for 2 consequentive year until 2011 and rank second in 2012 World Strongest bank by Bloomberg.

OCBC, Singapore's second largest lender, emerged tops from a pool of 78 global banks with total assets of US$100 billion (S$126 billion) or more as of mid-March.

  OCBC CEO Samuel Tsien said in a release, crediting the bank’s strength partly to its "disciplined" credit management practices and "robust" risk management capabilities.

He added: 'The solid foundation that we have established puts us in good stead to reach an even higher level of accomplishment.'

Bloomberg Markets ranked the banks based on five criteria, the most important being the Tier 1 capital ratio, which accounts for 40 per cent of the score.

This ratio is a core measure of a bank's financial strength.

The other criteria were the ratio of non-performing assets to total assets, ratio of reserves for loan losses to non-performing assets, ratio of deposits to funding, and 'efficiency' ratio.

These measure the prudence of a bank's lending policies, and how conservative a bank is in setting aside funds for bad loans.

Phillip Securities Research banking analyst Ken Ang noted OCBC had the highest Tier 1 ratio at 14.5 per cent, followed by UOB (13.5 per cent) and DBS (12.9 per cent). Also, OCBC had the lowest non-performing loans ratio - the ratio of loans in default or close to being in default to the bank's total loans.

Mr Ang said: 'DBS and UOB may have slipped due to factors such as a year-on-year decrease in Tier 1 capital ratios. This is however not a cause for concern as current levels are healthy and meet requirements set by both Basel III and the MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore).'
The Lee Family

THE Lee family is the largest shareholder of OCBC and a regular fixture on the Forbes rich list with a fortune previously estimated at US$3 billion (S$4.3 billion). The foundations of the family's fortune were laid with Mr Lee Kong Chian, the father of current OCBC director Lee Seng Wee. Mr Lee Kong Chian hailed from Fujian province, China, arriving here in 1903 at the age of 10. He was talent-spotted by famous rubber tycoon Tan Kah Kee. One of the richest men in Asia, Mr Tan wanted to expand his rubber business overseas and hired Mr Lee as his manager, mainly because of his grasp of the English language. Not only did Mr Lee land the job, he also eventually married Mr Tan's daughter, Ai Lay. The Great Depression gave the financially conservative Mr Lee the chance to buy acres of rubber land at rock-bottom prices. With the wealth he made from rubber, he expanded into pineapples, coconut oil, saw mills and biscuits. But other than being the 'Rubber and Pineapple King', he was behind the creation of what is now known as OCBC. Facing a banking crisis, three banks - Oversea-Chinese Bank, Ho Hong Bank and Chinese Commercial Bank - merged to form the Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation, the largest bank in Singapore then. Mr Lee was seen as the merger's chief architect. He became OCBC's vice-chairman, then chairman in 1938 - a post he held until just before his death in 1967. But while he was a banker and a rich businessman, he gave back generously to society. In 1952, he founded the Lee Foundation, leaving it as much as half his fortune. Mr Lee had three sons and three daughters. His youngest son Seng Wee, 82, is a director at OCBC. Second son Seng Tee handles the rubber businesses while eldest son Seng Gee, 91, is chairman of the Lee Foundation. The three daughters are Siok Kheng, Siok Tin and Siok Chee.

Lee Seng Wee is a Singaporean billionaire, having a net worth of US$1.9 billion in 2004. He is the third son of Lee Kong Chian. He studied at the University of Toronto and the University of Western Ontario, where he received a master's degree.

The low-profile Lee family originally made its fortune in agriculture, but these days most of its fortune is in Oversea-Chinese Bank, one of the three biggest local banks in Singapore. The family also runs a major foundation, the Lee Foundation, which supports an opera troupe, among other things.
 Lee Seng Wee gets his fortune mainly from stake in Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp, which he used to chair until 2003. Continues to sit on its board, along with son Tih-Shih, a Yale grad and associate professor at Duke University School of Medicine. Other interests include property firm Bukit Sembawang Estates. He recently retired from the board of life insurer Great Eastern Holdings.





《彭博市场》杂志“2013年全球最强银行”排行榜,连续两年夺得第一的新加坡华侨银行(OCBC)今年滑落第二,将第一宝座让位予卡塔尔国家银行(Qatar National Bank)。










李成偉大學畢業於加拿大多伦多大学,並於西安大略大学取得碩士學位。他繼承父親李光前的金融事業,擔任新加坡第三大銀行华侨银行主席,並於2001年6月帶領銀行以24億美元收購新加坡第六大銀行吉寶資本控股Keppel Capital Holdings)。2003年不再擔任主席一職,改任非執行董事。
近几年来,李成伟家族所控制的王国已逐渐缩小,一个城池接一个城池地被攻下。先是百货业集团罗敏申(Robinson)落入了印尼的李棕家族手里,然后是拥有矿业、酒店和房地产业务的海峡商行(Straits Trading),落入了华侨银行前主席陈振传的孙女周玉琴手里。


  以此类推,处于维信集团下线的联合工程(United Engineers)的话语权到底掌握在谁手里,目前也很模糊。是不是还能算是李氏家族控制的公司,已非常值得商榷。


  多个新加坡人引以为傲的品牌和地标,例如莱佛士酒店、罗敏申、虎牌啤酒、F&N饮品、时代书店(Times Bookstore)、辉盛服务公寓(Frasers Service Apartments)等,原本都掌握在这个家族手里。



  目前,这个家族手里仍确切掌控的应该只剩下华侨银行、大东方控股和万国(Bukit Sembawang)了。但是,他们近年来脱售其他公司的股份,套取了不少现金,却没有明显增持华侨银行、大东方控股和万国的股份。这不禁令人关注这几家广为新加坡人熟悉的公司,最终是不是也会易主,甚至是落入外国人手里?
当中最早 的成立于1912年。以资产规模来说,华侨银行目前是东南亚第二大的金融服务集团,也是世 界上最高度评价的银行之一,拥有穆迪Aa1级评级。并被《彭博市场》杂志评为?全球最强银行?。

华侨银行在印度尼西亚的子公司OCBC NISP 的超过400 家分行和办事处。

华侨银行的附属公司 - 大东方控股(Great Eastern Holdings),从资产规模和市场占有率方 面都是新加坡和马来西亚最大的保险集团。其旗下的资产管理公司利安资金(Lion Global Investors)是东南亚最大的资产管理公司之一。私人银行服务则由子公司新加坡银行(Bank of Singapore)提供。在亚洲全球私人银行中,新加坡银行名列前五名。2010年1月29日宣佈,以約14.46億美元完成收購總部設在新加坡的ING亞洲私人銀行及附屬機構,並已經被重新命名為新加坡銀行有限公司(Bank of Singapore),而前稱新加坡銀行的旗下公司亦於同日易名為(Singapore Island Bank Limited)及以finatiQ之名提供服務。


Saturday, 14 September 2013

Corporate Princess 7 : Sunway's Sarena Cheah and brother 企业公主系列7: 謝富年千金谢燕蒂

Sarena Cheah and Ong Pang Yen were appointed as joint managing directors of the property development division at Sunway Bhd effective May 1. They replace Ho Hon Sang who left at the 30 April 2013.

Cheah joined the group 18 years ago. Her father is Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah, Sunway Group founder and chairman.

Cheah and Ong brushed aside the joint positions, saying that having two MDs is nothing new.

“I take the younger and the female perspective,” says Sarena, 39.

Ong, 52, says: “No, she is not understudying me. We complement each other.”

Sarena Cheah has been a Board member of Sunway Berhad since 2010. She brings to this position 15 years of experience in strategy, corporate planning and development roles in various industries including Corporate Finance, Audit, Education, Healthcare and Property. Previously in the property division from 2006 to 2009, she was the Senior General Manager for Sales & Marketing and the Director of Property Division. Sarena is also the Executive Director of Strategy & Corporate Development of Sunway Berhad.


Going back to her school days, the Sekolah Jalan Selangor and Garden International School student informs that she was one of the earlier batches of enrolments at Sunway College, founded by her father. "My dad believes in putting his own children in institutions he starts. Why not if he's doing it with the best interest for the good of all?" Sarena says. She then did her matriculation and a twinning programme at the University of Western Australia, majoring in commerce, accounting and finance. "I've always liked Maths and amazingly, my parents and brother all come with an accountant's degree." While her youngest brother still burns the midnight oil studying, whether he'll join the family of accountants, we'll have to wait and see.

Every parent would wish for their child to join the family business, and Sarena reveals that hers were no different, although they never demanded she do so or imposed their ideals on her. "I'm grateful for being allowed to make my own decisions and glad I chose to work with the Sunway Group, as well as the short stint I did with IBM." After five years in the corporate world, Sarena returned to Australia to complete her education by doing her Masters Degree in Business Administration from Melbourne Business School.

While the corporate world keeps the chairman's daughter on her toes, her role as a mother to her baby girl Zoe and wife to her husband Leo, adds spark to her fire. "I totally adore and love being mum and wife. I'm very happy living with my in-laws and enjoy getting fully involved in raising my daughter, right down to bathing, feeding and reading to her before I rush off to work.

Evan Cheah Yean Shin, 36 years old, is the Chief Executive Officer of Sunway Group in China. He obtained a Bachelors Degree in Commerce and a Bachelors Degree in Business Systems from Monash University. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst Charterholder, a Certified Practising Accountant and a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants.

Further reading : Sunway moving to next level

Most beautiful Corporate Princess Poll


謝富年千金 接手房產發展業




















Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Tan Sri Yeoh Tiong Lay grandson not marrige Taiwan legislation speaker 's daughter.杨忠礼机构集团创办人丹斯里杨忠礼出面澄清,王金平女儿并非嫁给其长孙杨恭耀


Founder of YTL Corporation Bhd Tan Sri Yeoh Tiong Lay clarified to Nanyang that  his grandson Mr Jacob Yeoh杨恭耀 not married to Taiwan legislation speaker Wang Jin-pyng's 's daughter.
  • 王金平2005年参加女儿王馨淳毕业典礼时, 感动落泪。
The Groom are a guy with sur name Lim.
Both family merely used YTL property's Pangkor Laut as a venue for low profile wedding.
Tan Sri Yeoh Tiong Lay admitted attended the wedding lunch due to close relationship with Wang.
Taiwan legislation speaker Wang Jin-pyng's was seen accompany Tan Sri Yeoh Tiong Lay whenever Tan Sri Yeoh in Taiwan 



王家仅租用度假村举行仪式 杨忠礼长孙非王金平女婿

  • 王金平2005年参加女儿王馨淳毕业典礼时, 感动落泪。
  • 今年6月,彰化师范大学颁发荣誉博士给杨忠礼,坐在其身旁的,正是王金平,两人还有说有笑。
他说,两家人只是租用该集团的绿中海度假村(Pangkor Laut),低调的举行仪式,甚至也不算是正式的婚礼。

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Francis Yeoh eldest son marriage Taiwan legislation speaker's daughter 王金平的女婿是杨忠礼的长孙杨恭耀

 YTL Corporation's Francis Yeoh eldest son Mr Jacob Yeoh marriged Taiwan legislation speaker Wang Jin-pyng's 's daughter.

Younger brother of Ruth Yeoh, Mr Jacob Yeoh杨恭耀, the eldest son of Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, is deputy CEO of the telecommunications firm. In charge of Yes 4G WiMAX technology.

Taiwan legislation speaker Wang Jin-pyng has been condemns by President Ma Ying-jeou in alleged interference in a legal case infringement" of the independence of Taiwan's judiciary

Legislative Yuan Speaker Wang Jin-pyng (王金平) could be ejected from the Kuomintang (KMT) at a disciplinary meeting this Wednesday over allegations of illegal lobbying in a lawsuit. His ejection from the part would also result in him losing his seat as legislator-at-large and his position as speaker, according to a KMT source..

Update : Tan Sri Yeoh Tiong Lay grandson not marrige Taiwan legislation speaker 's daughter.

中新网9月10日电 据台湾中天电视报道,高挺的鼻子,斯文的脸庞,眉宇中流露挡不住的自信,他正是王金平的女婿,马来西亚YTL集团富三代杨恭耀,在马来西亚算是标准的高富帅。




据悉,杨忠礼祖籍金门,2011年他曾经回到故乡金门,参加公益活动,杨忠礼经营的YTL集团,在马来西亚被评选为最有影响力的企业,旗下囊括房地产 多家知名酒店,基础建设、能源产业,加上通讯公司,身家高达1700亿新台币,牵动大马经济!


Update : 大马隐行踪台记者扑空 王金平料今天回台


Friday, 6 September 2013

Gainer of recent share market drop 谁是最近股市下降大赢家?

People wonder who has gain from recent share market drop.

Carmen Chua has dispose off Furniweb Industrial Products Berhad. However, it seem she dispose off too earlier. the share price never drop back to her selling price.

Another Director of Furniweb, Founder and Executive Director Lee Sim Hak managed to dispose off at higher price all above RM0.70.


RM0.70 以上售出

Please read the following filing:


Stock Name FURNWEB
Date Announced19 Jul 2013
CategoryChanges in Director's Interest Pursuant to Section 135 of the Companies Act. 1965
Reference NoCC-130719-5EA29

Information Compiled By KLSE

Particulars of Director

Descriptions(Class & nominal value)ORDINARY SHARES OF RM 0.50 EACH

Details of changes

Currency: Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
Type of transaction
Date of change
No of securities
Price Transacted (RM)

Circumstances by reason of which change has occurredDISPOSAL OF 1,600,000 SHARES (%:1.77) IN OPEN MARKET
Nature of interestDIRECT
Consideration (if any)

Total no of securities after change

Direct (units)3,966,426
Direct (%)4.38
Indirect/deemed interest (units)
Indirect/deemed interest (%)
Date of notice19/07/2013

Remarks :
This announcement also serves to comply with Paragraph 14.09(a) of the Main Market Listing Requirements ("MMLR") for dealings outside closed periods in addition to Paragraph 9.19(18) of MMLR.


Most important, Mr Lee Sim Hak Manged to buy back all his shares at RM0.55


Stock Name FURNWEB
Date Announced2 Sept 2013
CategoryChanges in Director's Interest Pursuant to Section 135 of the Companies Act. 1965
Reference NoCC-130902-3FD17

Information Compiled By KLSE

Particulars of Director

Descriptions(Class & nominal value)ORDINARY SHARES OF RM0.50 EACH

Details of changes

Currency: Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
Type of transaction
Date of change
No of securities
Price Transacted (RM)

Circumstances by reason of which change has occurredACQUISITION OF 796,138 SHARES (% : 0.88)
Nature of interestDIRECT
Consideration (if any)

Total no of securities after change

Direct (units)1,875,764
Direct (%)2.07
Indirect/deemed interest (units)
Indirect/deemed interest (%)
Date of notice02/09/2013

Remarks :
This announcement also serves to comply with Paragraph 14.09(a) of the Main Market Listing Requirements ("MMLR") for dealings outside closed periods in addition to Paragraph 9.19(18) of MMLR.


Selling above RM0.70 and managed to buy back at RM0.55. Lee sim Hak is the gainer of recent share price drop

Furniweb 创办人执行董事LEE SIM HAK, 可以在RM0.70 以上售出, RM0.55 买回来.可以说是最近股市下降大赢家.

Update : Our reader splaw also managed to sold at RM0.73. congratulation!