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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Most beautiful Corporate Princess Poll 2014 最美丽企业公主投票

It is year end again. Last year, we have conducted Most Beautiful Corporate Princess Poll 2013. We decided to conducted it again this year. As a few new face has been added.

Our Corporate Princess Series has been until Series no 12.  The series will be continue.

However, we will run a poll on 16 persons that we have covered earlier first. 

Reader will able to vote a Most beautiful Corporate Princess among 16 person at our facebook page
  with the following term and condition : 

1 Just "like" on the person photo that you want to vote on our photo album.
2 Result might combined vote from other forum like or if poll conducted in various forum.
3 However, only those who vote on AseanTradingLink's facebook fan page and entitled for lucky draw.
4 Winner only able to "like" one person on AseanTadingLink facebook fan page despite he/she still able to vote on other page, like or Those who "like" more than one person on AseanTradingLink's facebook fan page might be disqualified from lucky draw.
5 Only those who vote the highest corporate princess with combined result of various website entitled for lucky draw for one mystery gift to be announced later.
Mystery gift for Lucky draw sponsor by and the specific gift will be announced later.
6 Total vote received must be over a 200 vote on AseanTradingLink facebook fan page for lucky draw to be conducted. Lucky draw might not be held if total vote received lesser than 200 vote on AseanTradingLink facebook fan page. Thus, Please spread the word around so that total vote received will be over 200 vote on AseanTradingLink facebook fan page
 Monique Shine Enterprise (PG0316265-W) sponsor separately for 's lucky draw. This lucky draw will solely base on result of ( not combined like 5 above) with it own terms and condition. Gift for lucky draw sponsor by  Monique Shine Enterprise (PG0316265-W) are Olay Professional Pro-X Facial Machine

vote Most Beautiful Corporate Princess on photo album of 

Result of 2013 Poll

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Singapore largest FDI in China,Indonesia and India

In Asean, Malaysia is like Belgium in Asia.

Belgium has three official languages, which are (in order of size of the native speaking population of Belgium) Dutch, French and German. Belgium hosts the EU's headquarters as well as those of several other major international organisations such as NATO.

While Malaysia have only one official language. Malaysia have National School (Malay language) and vernacular schools ( Chinese and Tamil respectively). Ideally, Malaysia should have advantage on trade relation with Indonesia, China and India.

However, ASEAN Secretariat base in Indonesia, not Malaysia due to it population and size.

On 14 March 2014, China announced that Singapore FDI to China amounted to USD7.327billion in 2013, making it largest FDI to China, if Hong Kong consider part of China. Hong Kong FDI to China amounted to USD78.302billion in 2013.

On 5 Dec 2014, Indonesian Ambassador to Singapore, Andri Hadi said Singapore was among the five countries with the largest foreign direct investment (FDI) in Indonesia in 2013 and could become the largest investing country this year. By the third quarter of 2014, Singapore was in the lead, with FDI totalling US$4.9 billion, or 22.5 percent of the total FDI.

Earlier, 26 May 2014,Singapore has overtaken Mauritius as the largest source of foreign direct investment into India, ending its long run over the top slot. FDI inflows from Singapore to India added up to nearly $6 billion (over Rs 35,500 crore) in 2013-14

Investors from across the globe have preferred to route funds into India via the Mauritius route because of the tax advantages offered by the island nation located at the tip of the African continent. Singapore has, however, managed to gain some glitter in recent years as India offered similar tax sops as part of the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement, although the treaty came with some riders to ensure that only genuine investors could benefit.

This mean Singapore become largest FDI in Indonesia, China and India. Despite Singapore Chinese dominated compare to more balance ethnic composition of Malay, Chinese and Indian in Malaysia. Further,  Singapore also largest FDI in Vietnam.

Malaysia still largest trading partner with China among 10 Asean countries.  However, Singapore and Thailand is fast trailing behind. 

Earlier, Haier, the leading Chinese electrical appliance maker, announced plan to use Thailand as an operation hub for commercial air conditioners to penetrate other Asean countries when the single market is formed at the end of 2015, in stead of Malaysia 

Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia are focus markets for Haier's commercial air conditioners. 

If the sales volume of commercial air conditioners in neighbouring countries reaches economy of scale, Haier will consider setting up production lines for commercial air conditioners in Thailand. 

Haier's factory in Prachinburi now produces a wide range of products, from refrigerators to washing machines, serving domestic and overseas markets including Japan, India, the Middle East and Africa. Haier now offers small appliances there, including set-top boxes for digital TV sets. It plans to launch a new Haier business platform in Thailand next month, combining e-commerce with social media, "

Meanwhile, Malaysia investment in Indonesia including plantation,banking,telecomunication and media industry.

Malaysia investment in India including telecommunication.

Well-known Malaysia brands like Parkson and Shangri-La are household names in China.

Sunday, 7 December 2014


马来西亚政府及大众忧虑消费税(GST)的落实可能会导致通货膨胀效应,百物跟着上涨。掀起新一轮的通货膨胀现象带来连锁性的通货膨胀,令中低收入家庭的生活百上加斤。消费税(GST)会导致引起百货腾涨 ,如何能够把通货膨胀的情况减到最低点。拟定最好的方案来稳定物价。克服消费人对物价上涨的忧虑。成为一大焦点

第一,政府应该宣布在明年1月1日或更早把10%销售税(Sales Tax),下降到消费税的6%。不是等到明年4月1日



第二,改善进项税(Input Tax)回扣机制。

消费税之前,所有物品包括汽水离开生产工厂时就已征销售税,酒店售卖汽水又增服务税,消费人在购买时无形中已缴付双重税收。”消费税采用“消费税回扣机制”,以将消费税回扣给商家,借此降低经商成本。不过,只有注册的公司以及商家,才能够享有该回扣机制。厂商、批发商、零售商所缴付的消费税,政府将全数归还,最终只有消费人需全数缴付6%消费税。消费税可索取的进项税(Input Tax)回退。一旦业者在网上提交消费税手续,当局会在14个工作天内退还有关回扣。而呈交纸质表格者则需要28天。

供应商在出售商品给业者时所征收的消费税,因为能够取得进项税可以回扣,因此在价格计算上应被排除。可是14天至28天进项税(Input Tax)回退。影响商家现金流管理。商家对政府在实施消费税后,将取消销售税及服务税可能给某些消费项目带来“减价”效应,多数商家都表示还未能确定。

此外,高效率国家如新加坡第一年实施消费税时也无法在指定的14天至28天回退进项税(Input Tax)。要商家相信马来西亚政府比高效率国家处理进项税(Input Tax)回退一样效率是不可能的。企业一般放账30天至90天,所以,若企业需要每个月或每3月都缴消费税,这会导致企业的资金无法运转。进项税回退​须另外14天至28天,更大大影响现金流。之前新加坡第一年实施消费税无法在指定的14天至28天回退进项税(Input Tax)使商家无法在价格计算上排除进项税回扣。使价格应下降。

若企业每年的营业额超过500万令吉,就必须每个月都申报消费税;不超过500万令吉则每3个月(季度)申报一次。政府应该让企业每个月或每3个月(季度)申报消费税时让商家直接回扣进项税(Input Tax),使商家缴交6%消费税时比销售与服务税(SST)的10%及 6%少(因为可以回扣进项税),这样商家在价格计算上才愿意排除进项税使物价下降或至少不会使物价大幅上涨。进项税回退​须另外14天至28天,却没有这效果不过听说政府之前拒绝这项要求



由于中小企业在软件提升的费用大约落在2000至5000令吉,而还完全没有电脑化的企业,或需5000至6000令吉,这对企业而言都是沉重的负担。1000令吉的补贴并不足以减缓企业的负担。政府如拒绝直接回扣进项税(Input Tax)要求政府让使用电子会计系统企业直接回扣进项税(Input Tax),需要两星期14天内取得退款,而手动填写报税及退税等文件,建议可以在两星期14天内取得退款,需要28天一个月。这样不只鼓励企业投资购买消费税软件系统,也使用电子会计系统的企业有更好现金流,进而控制物价。因为获批的软件必须拥有标准的消费税审计档案(GST Audit File),供使用者能直接传输资料到关税局让当局审核。不应该让企业再等14天。


这是因为私人有限公司较为人所相信,每年例行的稽查能确保商家的帐目得到透明妥当的处理与鉴定。有限公司有专业协助,如稽查师、税务代理、咨询顾问等。专家有专业的知识与经验能支援商家全面地实践消费税,降低申报消费税的错误。如果企业是有限公司,之前有销售税及服务税申报经验,使用消费税电脑软件系统,那错误的几率是很低的。政府应该让企业每个月或每3个月(季度)申报消费税时直接回扣进项税(Input Tax)。不应该等两星期14天内取得退款。
换句话说,建议政府应该让有以下一项或全部条件企业申报消费税时直接回扣进项税(Input Tax):
1) 使用电子会计系统消费税软件
2) 企业是有限公司
3) 之前有销售税及服务税申报经验

如果政府能够宣布在明年1月1日或更早把10%销售税,下降到消费税的6%。及让有以上一项或全部条件企业申报消费税时直接回扣进项税(Input Tax)。企业享受到政府在实施消费税后,取消销售税及服务税(SST)可能给某些消费项目带来“减价”效应把通货膨胀的情况减到最低点。

读者回馈意见: 消费税与通货膨胀

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