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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Corporate Princess 6 : Mah Sing's Jane Leong 企业公主系列6 : 马星集团的梁婧屹

Graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne and a Master's in Applied Finance from Monash University, Jane, 27, also studied interior decoration and design at CATC Design School in Melbourne. With her creative flair, she harbours visions of ecologically conscious and interconnected smart homes that enhance buyers' lifestyles, as well as Malaysia as a premier real estate destination.

While my ambition has always been to work for my family, I was also fascinated with banking and investment, so I began my career as a banker. It was the ideal platform for me to gain exposure and experience,” says Jane. It was after investment banking that she joined Mah Sing Group as a management trainee. “Most people think that my position was handed to me on a silver platter but the truth was, I started out just like any other employee – as a trainee.”

Even as a trainee however, Jane felt a different sort of pressure from the other trainees. There were expectations placed on her by her colleagues, the management and of course, her own family. While there was trust and responsibility that naturally flowed her way, she shares that this simply meant she needed to work harder to meet higher expectations. Most have the opportunity to gradually learn but Jane shares that a mentor once told her that she wouldn’t have that luxury. She would have to learn three times more quickly than the rest.

For Jane however, nothing beats learning from her family. “Observing my father’s decision-making process informs my own,” she shares. Her familiarity with Tan Sri Leong’s ways – as a father and a boss – helped her greatly in her work as a trainee. All this on top of the years growing up immersed in her father’s passion for property development. “In fact, our Sunday activities as a family often included visiting our own projects to check on their progress of development,” she says.

There are of course conflicts, mainly differences of opinions, due to the generational gap. Jane shares though that they have managed to work through many of these, enough to come to a point where they are able to listen to one another more effectively and find a balance between the traditional and the modern. “Listening to what Jane thinks inspires me to keep Mah Sing Group on the cutting edge.

After all, we do not own the earth – it is merely borrowed from the next generation.” The developer’s recent string of developments – Icon City Petaling Jaya, Icon Residence at Mont Kiara and M-Residence – are among the Jane-inspired ones. The group’s Garden Residence is another iconic property that has seen Mah Sing Group merge innovation and creativity with traditional values.
“A tried-and-tested method delivers results and it is important for continuity,” says Jane.

She adds that it is important to be respectful and appreciative of this rather than be arrogant about it. There are things that each generation can contribute and active listening can bridge the gap. “Innovation is also important to deliver creativity and freshness in concepts.” Jane Leong hold position of Executive Asistant to her father, Tan Sri Leong Hoy Kum of the Mah Sing Group. and Group’s deputy general manager of business development and investments before. Jane is quickly picking up the tricks of the trade from her father. “I benefit from my father’s over 30 years of experience in the business. I also learn a lot from the senior management team.”

Jane Leong now GM of Business Development and Investment of Mah Sing.

Tan Sri Leong has the vision of taking Mah Sing Group global and is grateful for Jane’s decision to be a part of the business he has built. Jane, on the other hand, is grateful for the opportunity to carry out her father’s vision. “My father has done a great job and it is my vision to sustain this and build Mah Sing Group to become a regional player.” With Jane’s younger brother Lionel recently jumping on board, the Leongs are on a mission to make all this happen.

Having this united mission for a family is valuable. While the Leongs spend a lot of time together during the weekends engaging in leisure activities, Jane shares that what she appreciates most about being in a family business is the opportunity to work closely with her father and siblings. There really is something special, she says, about working together.
Photo from KeeHuaChee.blogpost
Man Yau and wife Cheryl Law, siblings Jane and Lionel Leong

Jane shared her experience on the matter.

“I would say that at the very beginning, it is definitely challenging for anyone who joins a company to gain the trust and respect of others. While Mah Sing was founded by my father, it is run professionally, and I am lucky that I have known many of the senior management team since I was young, as they have been with the company throughout its various stages of growth.

“I am able to tap on their knowledge and experience, and they have also generously provided me the guidance and support since the day I joined. I firmly believe that respect should be earned over time, therefore I trust that I will be able to gain their genuine respect through my hardwork, determination and willingness to learn.”

Mah Sing Group Bhd has opened its first property gallery in Singapore at TripleOne Sommerset. According to the developer, it is an easily accessible location parallel to Orchard Road, within walking distance from the Somerset MRT station.

It said in a statement that the gallery, launched 15 July 2013, would initially feature three of its latest projects in Iskandar Malaysia and the Klang Valley − The Meridin@Medini in Johor, Icon City in Petaling Jaya, and M City in Kuala Lumpur.

The launch of the gallery is in line with the group’s strategy to boost revenue from international investors to 30% within two to five years.

L-R: Jane Leong, GM of business development & investment; Dato’ Steven Ng Poh Seng, executive director of corporate & investment; Puan Sri Leong, vice president of corporate admin; Leong, Kamsiah Kamaruddin, acting High Commissioner of Malaysia to Singapore; Tan Sri Yaacob Bin Mat Zain, Mah Sing Group chairman; General Dato Syed Norulzaman, Mah Sing Foundation chairman; Dato’ Lim Kiu Hock, executive director of operations

Update :
Jane Leong and sister 梁蕙仪









开明式团队 梁婧屹不断沟通学习

















永不言满意 方有进步空间







●学历: 澳洲墨尔本大学商学士(会计与金融) 、莫纳斯大学应用金融硕士



Photo from KeeHuaChee.blogpost
From left : Man Yau and wife Cheryl Law, 
梁婧屹 梁津浩










新加坡投资者喜爱购买大马房地产,看中马新两国发展潜力,马星集团(MahSing,8583,主板产业股)于新加坡的111索美塞(Triple One Somerset)设立首个房地产展销厅。
马星综合公寓热卖进账4千万 Meridin半天卖40单位
(新山20日讯)马星集团(MAHSING,8583,主板产业股)分批推介The Meridin@Medini综合产业计划Tower B公寓,周六首推50单位,半天内即售出逾80%,进账约4000万令吉。
The Meridin@Medini综合产业计划B座公寓共161个单位,周六开始陆续开放。
他表示,非常满意Tower B推介半天内,就售出约40个单位,所以相信明天将有更多买家亲临示范屋订购。
The Meridin@Medini发展计划,毗邻东南亚首座乐高乐园。
梁海金表示,The Meridin@Medini计划坐落在柔佛南部的依斯干达Medini,是首个我国特别经济区,即外国买家在区域内置产不受50万令吉限制,当地产业无需保留土著配额,转售无需缴付产业盈利税(RPGT)。

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