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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Most beautiful Corporate Princess Poll 最美丽企业公主投票

Our Corporate Princess Series has been until Series no 7.  The series will be continue.

However, we will run a poll on 9 person that we have covered earlier first.

Reader will able to vote a Most beautiful Corporate Princess among 9 person at our facebook page
  with the following term and condition :

1 Just "like" on the person photo that you want to vote on our photo album.
2 Result might combined vote from other forum like or investalk if poll conducted in various forum.
3 However, only those who vote on AseanTradingLink facebook fan page entitled for lucky draw.
4 Winner only able to "like" one person on AseanTadingLink facebook fan page despite he/she still able to vote on other page, if poll conducted in other page like or investalk. Those who "like" more than one person on AseanTradingLink facebook fan page might be disqualified from lucky draw.
5 Only those who vote the highest corporate princess with combined result of various website entitled for lucky draw for one mytery gift to be announced later
6 Total vote received must be over a 100 vote on AseanTradingLink facebook fan page for lucky draw to be conducted. Lucky draw might not be held if total vote received lesser than 100 vote on AseanTradingLink facebook fan page. Thus, Please spread the word around so that total vote received will be over 100 vote on aseanTradingLink facebook fan page.
7 Mystery gift for Lucky draw sponsor by Monique Beauty Store and the specific gift will be announced later..
vote Most Beautiful Corporate Princess on photo album of 

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