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Monday, 12 February 2018

耗资400万 离地239米 最高高空索道槟城开幕World's tallest rope course opening in Komtar this month

出席者和高空绳索课程示范者合照。左二起为槟州妇女与家庭事务委员会主席章瑛、OWG 集团创办人拿督斯里许展强以及槟州首席部长林冠英。


光大The Top 65楼2018年2月10日正式对外开放全球最高的高空绳索课程——The Gravityz!该课程将会在离地239米的高空进行,拥有6个关卡,包括了Confidence Path、High Bench、A Great Bridge、X-Point、Z-wire以及G-Rocky让公众挑战。

槟州首席部长林冠英在2018年1月26日参观The Gravityz时表示,The Gravityz将会成为槟城新的观光景点。槟州首席部长林冠英2018年1月10日早为耗资400万令吉打造,号称世界最高空中索道的The Gravityz开幕!在华人新年前开幕,让槟城人今年的农历新年更值得纪念。

林冠英致词时提及,位于光大The Top 65楼The Gravityz空中索道距离地面239公尺,有6项高空索道极限挑战,即Confidence Path、A Great Bridge、Z Wire、X Point、High Bench和G Rocky。

他说,该空中索道活动项目平台从光大The Top65楼外延伸,平台全长90公尺,是光大大楼的半圈。他也期待下一个极限运动 蹦极跳(bungy jump)能如期于年内推出。

OWG 集团创办人拿督斯里许展强也在会上表示,The Gravityz的推介将会协助打造光大成为一个可供民众全天候游玩的景点。 “我们也打算将来在光大增设水族馆以及槟城中央公市。”

The Gravityz将于2018年2月10日对外开放。

一票挑战6关卡 票价90至399令吉

The Gravityz执行董事刘宏杰在受访时说,该课程的入门票零售价是399令吉,而最低价是79令吉,可凭着一张票挑战不同的关卡。提早在网上订票者可享有优惠,而槟城人更可以低至79令吉的优惠价玩转The Gravityz!


The Gravityz所有安全设备,包括挑战者身上的安全绳及安全帽皆获得德国TUV安全认证,大家可放心挑战。



“我们放眼在一年内招待2万名挑战者,也会考虑在特定节日里开放晚间高空绳索课程。”2018年1月26日出席者包括槟州妇女与家庭事务委员会主席章瑛、The Gravityz运营总监黄亨利以及The Gravityz项目经理Tony Siew。

The Gravityz空中索道距离地面239公尺。(图:星洲日报)


A Gravityz worker hanging freestyle 239m above ground during the preview of Komtar’s newest attraction.

World's highest ropes course opening in Komtar this month

 World's highest ropes course known as The Gravityz will open soon at Komtar.
Located at TheTop at Level 65, the ropes course stand at the height of 239m in Penang's tallest building.
Managed by AGC Group Sdn Bhd, The Gravityz is an outdoor adventure platform that features popular sports such as Flying Fox and High Ropes.
Speaking to the media during the press preview on  26 January 2018,  Only World Group (OWG) chief executive officer Tan Sri Richard Koh said a total of RM4 million has been invested into The Gravityz project.
He said making safety as a top priority, all the equipment used are top-notch safety equipment imported from Switzerland.
"This latest attraction will provide a different dimension to participants who are looking to experience new challenges at TheTop Komtar", he said.
Also present during the event were Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, Deputy Chief Minister 1 Datuk Mohd Rashid Hasnon, state exco members Lim Hock Seng, and Tanjong MP Ng Wei Aik.
The Gravityz will officially open this Feb with the hosting of the World's Highest Ropes Course Challenge at Komtar.
 There are six obstacle challenges at The Gravityz, namely Confidence Path, High Bench, A Great Bridge, X Point, Z Wire and G Rocky and they are bound to give participants adrenaline-filled moments as well as spectacular views of Penang.

Gravityz operations director Henry Wong said it would take about 30 minutes to complete the course.The wind can be quite strong at times but everyone will always be safe because of the many safety measures in place.
Should anyone find that heady altitude too much to bear, they may choose to step out of the course at any station.

“Participants will be outside the building, walking on narrow platforms and ledges while looking down at the city and traffic under their feet.
Gravityz workers taking an adrenaline-pumping walk along a narrow platform at Level 65 in Komtar, Penang. — ASRI ABDUL GHANI/The Star

“The wind can be quite strong at times but everyone will always be safe because of the many safety measures in place.
“The platforms are designed with obstacles to increase the challenge,” he said during a preview recently.

Wong said there was no age limit but participants would be led by an instructor in groups of six persons that must not exceed 600kg.

Also present at the preview were Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and Penang Youth and Sports Committee chairman Chong Eng.
Pre-bookings are required and tickets will range from RM199 to RM399 per person.

Priority will be given to MyKad holders from Penang.

The attraction will be open from 10am to 6pm daily.
Visit for more details.