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Thursday, 31 August 2017

What happened 60 years ago

In conjunction with celebrate 60 years Merdeka ( Independent ) day. 60 years mark a full cycle of Chinese Calender and the cycle will begin again. It is also believe all planet within solar system  have a full cycle towards the Sun. Thus, all planet within Solar system will begin a new cycle.

Let see what happened 60 years ago for Malaysia Cabinet.

1) Late Tunku Abdul Rahman from Chief Minister become first Prime Minister in Malaysia.

2) Late Tunku Abdul Rahman from Home Affairs Minister to become Foreign Affairs Minister. A Ministry taken over from colonial British.

3) Late Tun Abdual Razak from Education Minister to become Defence Minister. Again, a Ministry taken over from colonial British.

4) Late Tun Abdual Razak has been appointed Deputy Prime Minister. This seem a new position as there is no Deputy Chief Minister prior to that.

5) Late Sulaiman Abdul Rahman from Minister of Local Government, Housing & Town Planning to become Minister of Home Affairs and Justice. A portfolio taken over from Chief Minister Late Tunku Abdul Rahman. It seem Ministry of Local Government, Housing & Town Planning has been group to new Minister of Home Affairs and Justice to be oversee by late Sulaiman Abdual Rahman, so that there is a continuity.

6) Late Tan Sri Mohd Khir Johari has been appointed Minister of Education. A portfolio taken over from Late Tun Abdul Razak. Late Tan Sri Mohd Khir Johari promoted from Assistant Minister of Agriculture and Co-operative.

7) Minister of Agriculture and Co-operative continue to be held by Late Abdul Aziz Ishak.

Minister of Transport to become Minister of Finance

8) Late Colonel Tun Sir HS Lee from Minister of Transport to become Minister of Finance. A Ministry taken over from colonial British. It seem Minister of Transport a stepping stoner to Minister of Finance!

9) Late Abdul Rahman Talib promoted from Assistant Minister of  Health to become Minister of Transport.

10) Late Tun Tan Siew Sin has been appointed a new Minister of Trade and Industry. This is a new position. It is not sure it is a new portfolio or taken over from colonial British.

First Yang Di-pertua Negeri of Melaka

11) Late Tun V. T. Sambanthan has been transfer from Minister of Labour to become Minister of Health. He is taken over Ministry of Health from late Tun Leong Yew Koh, who has been appointed first Yang Dipertua Negeri of Melaka.

12) Late Tun Haji  Omar Ong Yoke Lin transfer from Minister of Communications, Telecommunications and Posts to become enlarge Minister of Labour and Social Welfare.

13) Late Tun Sardon bin Haji Jubir, Minister of Works then remain as enlarge Minister of Works, Post and Telecommunications.

Malaysia second Deputy Prime Minister leave Cabinet

14) Late Bahaman Samsuddin. promoted from Deputy Minister of Home Affairs to become Minister of Natural Resources. A position he taken over from late Tun Dr Ismail bin Abdul Rahman, who was Malaysia second Deputy Prime Minister later.He leave cabinet temporary. 

15) New Ministry created or taken over from former colonial British

Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Defence
Minister of Finance
Minister of Trade and Industry

Friday, 11 August 2017

Platinum Paradise Sdn Bhd part of Only World Group Holdings Berhad ( OWG )

Platinum Paradise Sdn Bhd part of Only World Group Holdings Berhad ( OWG )

In 2002, Only World Group ( OWG ) through Platinum Paradise had launched three (3) food service outlets, namely Yummy Yummy, now known as Jia Food For The Seasons, Mmm Yum Yum Bak Kut Teh, now known as eastcourt and Shanghai 10, which are all located at First World Plaza, Genting Highlands. 

Platinum Paradise had also opened other food service outlets, namely HOT POTeastcourt and RICHDAD at First World Plaza, Genting Highlands in 2005, 2007 and 2009, respectively.

Platinum Paradise established a food preparation area located at First World Plaza, Genting Highlands in 2009. 

One (1) year later in 2010, Platinum Paradise opened a food service outlet, known as The FOOD tree at it Group’s corporate office in Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Founder of Platinum Paradise and Only World Group Holdings Berhad ( OWG )Y.B. Dato Sri Dato Richard Koh recently ordered a Wired Queue Management System.
For Master YY Chong. The Queue Management System ( QMS ) will be installed at a food court at Petaling Jaya. The food court at Petaling Jaya seem to be private venture of founder of Only World Group Holdings Berhad ( OWG ),Y.B. Dato Sri Dato Richard Koh.
Video from Youtube

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Tan Boon Ming Sdn Bhd new warehouse with OSHA LED safety scoreboard

Chain electrical appliance retailer Tan Boon Ming Sdn Bhd ( TBM )open new warehouse on 13 May 2017.

According to website of Tan Boon Ming Sdn Bhd ( TBM ). TBM traces its roots back to 1945, right after World War 2, when patriarch Tan Boon Ming opened a neighbourhood bicycle store that was of great and friendly service to its everyday patrons. 

By 1953,He registered Syarikat Tan Boon Ming because then very few people registered their businesses, and extended its offerings from sewing machines, furniture to radios.Later, it switched to electrical items to follow lifestyle changes. Business began to grow from the support of loyal customers. By the mid 1970s it moved into the present premises. Trading under the new name of Tan Boon Ming Sdn. Bhd. began on January 1, 2000.

Today, they claim to be carrying over 30 well-known brands of consumer electronics and home electrical appliances. 

They order an Occupational Safety & Health ( OSHA ) LED Digital Scoreboard for their new warehouse. With logo customization on top

When they received and want to install the Occupational Safety & Health ( OSHA ) LED digital Scoreboard. They claim the warehouse has been operated 18 days

But they claim yesterday have "accident". When they installed it on wall. It seem they set it up wrongly.

Actually, if yesterday have an accident. Today should be 0 days without accident. Thus, they reconfigure it to

When ask how they define accident. They claim they classified fainted, bleeding, equipment ( stock) falls, forklifts, swollen, broken bones, falls down as accident.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

How China's single party political system spawn such achievement

In an exclusive interview with The Star. Malaysia Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak express his Fascination with China and said:

What’s interesting and almost an irony that a single party system in China can do two things. It can engender good leadership that believes in the principle of meritocracy. You have to prove yourself every step of the way. If you trace Xi Jinping’s history, he started as deputy mayor, then mayor, then governor and so on. He was tested at every step of the way. So they are able to pick the best to become future leaders.

Secondly, it’s interesting to look at how they could engender big entrepreneurs, the movers and shakers, the Jack Ma (executive chairman of Alibaba Group), the Wang of the world (Wang Jianlin, chairman of Wanda Group). How on earth did a single party political system spawn so many movers and shakers?

They are so creative and able to invest huge amounts of capital in China and abroad. That fascinated me. It defies Western thinking that you’ve got to have western democracy, individualism, not too much control, only then can you create innovation and spawn creativity. But the results say otherwise. The outcome has made China the most exciting place on earth today. It is the happening place and nowhere else can compare with what I saw in China.

To many people. It is very difficult to understand.

Recently, China's CCTV4 (Astro Channel 334) air a history drama on architect of current economy of China : Deng Xiao Ping,"Historical Transition of Deng Xiao Ping" everyday between 2.15pm to 5.30pm. 

You can watch how a Single party system how to reach consensus, make decision. You would discover the decision making process of Single party system is more democratic than many democracy country. 

You can watch how Deng Xianping lead, transform a communist country into a meritocracy economy.

Unfortunately, it is already episode 22 tomorrow. It is second time I saw CCTV4 (Astro Channel 334) air such drama. 

For those who like to watch the earlier part of the Drama. Can watch it on Youtube :

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Universiti Sultan Azlan Shah ( USAS ) at Kuala Kangsar, Perak expanding江沙蘇丹阿茲蘭沙大學(USAS)扩展中

Kolej Universiti Islam Sultan Azlan Shah (KUISAS) has been upgraded and renamed as Universiti Sultan Azlan Shah (USAS) on Jun 2016 during Kuala Kangsar by-election.

Jabatan Kewangan ( Finance Department )
On Aug 2016, University Sultan Azlan Shah (USAS) order their first set of Queue Management System for their Jabatan Kewangan ( Finance Department ) and installed on September 2016 

During the ninth convocation ceremony of Universiti Sultan Azlan Shah (USAS) on November 2016, Sultan of Perak Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah of which he is the chancellor said “Universities need to embark on a paradigm shift from being a lone institution to being an active and important participant in the digital ecosystem,” 

To create a generation of students with the ability to think digitally, the Perak Ruler said universities must adapt to the changes taking place.

A total of 493 diploma students pursuing 13 different courses received their scrolls from Sultan Nazrin during the ceremony held at the Dewan Jubli Perak at Nov 2016.
The USAS Royal Award went to Muham-mad Al-Hafidz Jaaztar while Aiman Syahirah Shi­ha­­­budin received the Mentri Besar’s Award and Kry Saat took the Vice-Chan­cellor’s Award.
Islamic Studies student Amirah Mursyidah Zainalabidin and Management and Informa­tion Technology student Afzan Mohamed Nor were named best students in their respective faculties.

On Jan 2017, Universiti Sultan Azlan Shah ( USAS ) order a second Queue Management System. This time for their Jabatan Akademik,Kemasukan & Rekod ( Admission & Record Department ) . The Queue Management System delivered and installed recently on Feb 2017.

It is surprising that USAS order another Queue Management System within such short period of time. Look like it expand very fast.

The University currently have 300 Master student and 40 doctorate student. A milestone within short period of time. The University also being appointed as secretary office for Islamic University in Asia, being a coordinate centre for 70 Islamic Univeristy in Asia.

Menteri Besar of Perak Dato' Seri DiRaja Dr. Zambry bin Abdul Kadir hope the central government allow ownership of the University Sultan Azlan Shah ( USAS ) remain in Perak state government despite all the grant and funding from Malaysia central government.






苏丹阿斯兰沙阿大学(USAS)2017年1月订购第二排队叫号管理系统。 这次为他们的录取和记录部。 最近2017年2月交付和安装。

苏丹阿斯兰沙阿大学(USAS)在如此短的时间内订购另一排队叫号管理系统。 看起来它的扩展非常快。



Saturday, 28 January 2017

What happen in year of Rooster

This year Malaysia celebrate 60 years independent. This mean Malaysia has gone through whole cycle of Chinese Calendar or the solar system. The 9 planet within solar system are in same position again against the sun and start the cycle again for next 60 years..

Malaysia independent in 1957, which is Ding (Yin Fire) Rooster. Havenly stem of 2017 also Ding fire. The Chinese Calendar cycle for Malaysia start again. Usually, Chinese people would celebrate 60 years old birthday if not every year to celebrate a re-born.

Other than the above, what happen in year of Rooster ?

1) Atomic bomb end of second world war at 1945.

Would nuclear weapon being use again? Would war in Middle East end this year... or both... is yet to be see.

Ronald Reagan took office in year of Monkey able to end the cold war. Would Donald Trump, who also took office in year of Monkey, able to end a "cold war" between China?  But Ronald Reagan took many years to end the cold war. Not in year of Rooster. 

Is Chinese Calendar system for economic cycle only or can use to predict political event?

2) Malaysia 13 May happen in 1969

Malaysia 13 May incident happen in 1969, a year of Rooster. Look like not a good year for election in Malaysia, especially in summer. Hopefully, rakyat have to be more tolerance against each other.

Note: This book is not direct related to Chinese Calendar theory

Is theory of Tao Zhu Gong / Dao Zhu Gong 陶朱公 Fan Li 范蠡 able to predict economic cycle or can use to predict political event?

It look like racial riot more likely to happen in Indonesia than Malaysia. We will see how things turn out.

3) Stock market Super Bull run 

Malaysia have a stock market Super Bull run in 1993, a year of Rooster. However, Malaysia encounter strong growth of economy in 1990s. And there is flood of banking margin for stock trading few years before that.

Generally, Malaysia economy might start growing whether there is stock market bull run or not. Malaysia government have opportunity to reverse it budget deficit for 6 years.

4) Property market creative marketing promotion end.

While stock market bull run only happen in 1993 but not 2005. People who bought property in year of Monkey (even in 2004) never make loss  if dispose off after year of Rooster. It is in year of Monkey that most developers use "Creative Marketing" method but property buyer will find those offer no longer available after year of Rooster.

People who sell any assets in year of Monkey appear loser after year of Rooster. The most famous incident is Low Yat group's AP Land sell off City Square in year Monkey but buyer dispose off at much higher price within short 18 months of purchase.
Tan Sri Leong & Jane Leong - The Edge

Those who bought asset in year of Monkey might have super normal profit. One famous example is Mah Sing founder Tan Sri Leong Hoy Kum bought 12 units of Condominium in year of Monkey by just paying deposit, when Mah Sing core business still in plastic at that point. He managed to dispose off the property after year of Rooster, and buyer willing to paying for Real Property Gain Tax (RPGT). Mah Sing, transform from plastic manufacturer to slowly shift to property after that incident.

Renown stock market columnist of Nanyang Siang Pao recommended people to buy Mah Sing and Hong Leong in an  event sponsor by the two company.

Tan Sri Desmond Lim of Pavilion Group buying WCT Holdings Bhd would gain if able to maintain value of the company. Other company like IOI also buying land in Singapore etc.
Tan Sri Desmond Lim

5) Commodity Price stabilise upward

It is more likely commodity price going up than going down in year of Rooster. Commodity price going down in 1981, a year of Rooster. But commodity price still in up trend in 1979, year of sheep and start going down at the end of year of sheep and beginning of year of Monkey in year 1980. This is when the Hunt brother in US try to corner the Silver market. And the collapse of tin mining industry in Malaysia.

However, Commodity like Petroleum still going down in Year of Sheep in 2015 and have stabilise in year of Monkey. Other commodity like Gold and Palm oil have similar trend. 

While people who bet on shares in 2005 may not get a similar super bull run in 1993. If you bet on commodity in 2005. You would have super normal profit.

 In fact, many people in Malaysia have miss the boat for some of steel counter and Aluminium counter rise recently.

It seem economic upward this round would be lead by Commodity. How fast it spill over to stock market and property market is yet to be seen. In fact, many people in Malaysia have miss the boat for some of steel counter and Aluminium counter rise recently.

In China, property market n some city already performing better than stock market. Thus, up trend stock market in China might be later than Commodity or property

Monday, 23 January 2017

What happen in year of Monkey

This post suppose to be at the beginning of Chinese New Year.

However, we post at the end of year this year as posting at beginning of the year might affect the outcome.

What happen in year of Monkey ?

1) Devaluation of British Pound Sterling

George Soros become famous after his hedge fund short selling British Pound Sterling in 1992. A year of Monkey.

In 2016, a year of Monkey. British Pound Sterling devalue again after Brexit event.  However, George Soros never short selling GBP this round. He invest in Gold in stead. He miss the second chance.

To be fair, It is a bit risk free for him to short GBP in 1992. But to short GBP in 2016 is like a gambling as it depend on result of polls. Invest in gold might be a lower risk bet in 2016. Of course, lower risk, lower return.

2) Change of US President

Whenever it is year of Monkey. there is more likely will be a change in US President. Either from  incumbent Republican to Democrats or from  incumbent Democrats to Republican.

In 1980, a year of Monkey, Ronald Reagan beat  incumbent Jimmy Carter.

In 1992, a year of Monkey, Clinton won the 1992 presidential election (43.0 percent of the vote) against Republican incumbent George H. W. Bush.

In 2016, Donald Trump won the presidency poll from incumbent party.

When Ronald Reagan become President of US. The deficit of US is equally challenging and there is cold war. Financial market do not required to push the panic button as all the risk has been reflected in the market.

Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch of Chinese Calendar

While strategist use Earthly Branch of Chinese Calendar to predict economic cycle. Which is 12 years a cycle.  Please be remind that Chinese Calendar also affected by Heavenly Stem Which is 10 year a cycle. That's why sometime economic cycle happen 10 year a cycle, Like Asia Financial Crisis in 1998 and Financial crisis in 2008. Thus, while the Earthly Branch is the same in 2004. The Heavenly Stem is different in 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016. Generally a 60 years cycle if included all the combination of Heavenly Stem and Earthly branch. It is a bit too complicated to analyse the effect of both combination of Heavenly Stem and Earthly branch.

In less than a week we will say good bye to year of Monkey.

We yet to decided whether we will post what happen in Year of Rooster at the beginning of the year or at the end of the year.