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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Microsoft retired "Distributor" competency

Microsoft send an email to all it partner dated 13 April 2016 informing all partners that they will retired 12 competencies including "Distributor" Competency.

With the following key dates:

July 30, 2016: Last day to sign up for a retiring competency. Microsoft will no longer accept new membership enrollments for retiring competencies beginning July 31, 2016. 

October 30, 2016: Last day to renew a retiring competency. You must renew the retiring competency on or before your anniversary date (AD) or by October 30, 2016. Microsoft will no longer accept renewals for retiring competencies beginning October 31, 2016. 

January 31, 2018: The competencies officially retire.

This mean the retirement of Microsoft’s 12 competencies will completed over the next 18 months, designed to give partners the necessary time needed to develop capabilities in cloud solutions, expand or build new practices, and transition into new competencies.

With more businesses adopting cloud and mobile solutions than ever before. It seem Microsoft going to bypass "Distributor" (wholeseller) and deal with it partner, if not customer directly. It is not sure partner who selling cloud product still required to identified their "Distributor" now or not? Maybe it is after 31 January 2018.

Among the company affected as follow:

1) ECS ICT Berhad : One of it subsidiary ECS Astar Sdn Bhd have Distributor Gold Competency of Microsoft base on Microsoft's PinPoint. It is not sure what percentage of revenue and profit  ECS Astar Sdn Bhd contributed to public listed ECS ICT Berhad. At one point, holding company ECS Holdings Limited also listed on Singapore Stock Exchange, ultimately hold by VST Holdings Limited ( in Hong Kong.

2) Jardine OneSolution (2001) Sdn Bhd. Part of the non-listed company of Jardine Matheson Group, Jardine Pacific. Jardine OneSolution (2001) Sdn Bhd also have Distributor Gold Competency of Microsoft

3) Ingram Micro Inc, company listed on New York Stock Exchange also have Gold Distributor competency of Microsoft. Ingram Micro Inc will be acquired for about $6 billion by an entity that is part of China's HNA Group Tianjin Tianhai Investment Co. The company expects the transaction to close during the second half of 2016. It is not sure such news would affected the deal or it valuation of the company $6billion?

Unlike other competency. "Distributor" competency is "by invitation" only.

Update : "Learning" Competency

Other than "Distributor" Competency. Other competency included "Learning" Competency.

One of the company affected by "Learning "Competency are as follow :

1) Prestariang : Listed on Bursa Malaysia.

2) Iverson Associates Sdn Bhd : Private company.

3) Info-Trek Sdn Bhd : Private Company