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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Vincent Tan a British advisor that management must listen! 丹斯里陈志远 退而不休英国殖民时代的顾问

Last month, new business weekly Focus Malaysia have one report stated :

On his 60th birthday in February last year, tycoon Tan Sri Vincent Tan Chee Yioun surprised the corporate world by announcing his retirement from Berjaya Corp Bhd. At the same time, the founder of the Berjaya conglomerate also said he was donating half his fortune to charity.

 Many were taken aback by Tan’s retirement because in Malaysia, 60 is a relatively young age to call it a day, at least among corporate chieftains. And prior to this there were no signs that the hands-on tycoon was slowing down or phasing out his exit.

Now, more than 20 months later, Tan, who had handed over the running of Berjaya to his eldest son Datuk Robin Tan Yeong Ching, is still very much in the news with no signs of taking a back seat or fading into the background.

The Nov issue of Focus Malaysia write lengthy about his retirement. This week, the same business weekly feature Top 10 Best for 2014 also highlight his " retirement. ", The Star also feature him on Watch them in 2014 :

WHILE Vincent Tan has handed over the reins of his sprawling Berjaya Group to his son Datuk Robin Tan, the elder Tan remains the man to watch next year, both on the corporate front and the sporting pages.

Both journalist must never attended a startup event on Oct 2012. Tan Sri Vincent Tan invest in Internet Startup like MOL Global Bhd. MOL Global Berhad acquired Friendster and when Friendster sold it IP to Facebook and end up with 3.5 million shares of Facebook. This make Vincent Tan have reputation in Startup fraternity even in US.

When a historian try to twist the fact and said that Malaysia was never fully colonised. Our ex-Prime Minister Dr Mahathir said this was not the case in the strict sense of the word.

"Technically speaking, we were never colonised. The Sultans decided to invite the British to come and advise them on how to administer the country, and we were never conquered in that sense," he said.  However, he said it was a fact that the British "operated as though we were colonised", adding that the term colonised' was a matter of semantics.  "In other words, the British did not advise, they gave orders. The English language is such that the adviser rules and the rulers advise," he added.

On a meet up with Startup entrepreneur. Tan Sri Vincent Tan said he has "retired" as Executive Chairman of Bejaya Group and just become an advisor to his group of company. Vincent Tan said he is like a British Advisor describe by Dr Mahathir when British colonised Malaysia. Vincent Tan is well connected and he know Tun Dr Mahathir in person. He said Tun Dr Mahathir like to talk about British advisor which our Sultan have to listen to advise of British Advisor. Tan Sri compare his advisor position to his company is like former British advisor. When he give advised, management (his son) must listen.

He also told entrepreneur that he want majority shares in company he invest, so that Entrepreneur will listen to Angel (investor). However, CEO of MOL Global Bhd's Ganesh said he offer 40% to Vincent Tan initially and Tan Sri request 60% of his company. It only take less than one second for him to said "yes". Not many entrepreneur willing to give up controlling interest. However, Ganesh said he never regret that he give up 60% of his company he found. During dot com bubble, investor, refuse to pump more money if they control 40% or less. However, as Angel control 60% interest. Investor.......Vincent Tan continue to pump in money as this is his own company and MOL Golbal Bhd survive Dot com bubble. and when MOL Global Berhad want 40 million to acquired Friendster. Tan continue to support him and there is limited dilution of Ganesh stake.

With such clarification. Hope no media will joke about his retirement anymore.

Few days ago, USA today make a report with title America, meet Vincent Tan, the worst owner in sports

Tan, who purchased 51% of Cardiff City in 2010, apparently doesn’t like bluebirds. There used to be a dragon element to the Cardiff City crest, though, and Tan DOES like dragons. (Also, he knows that dragons are a popular symbol in Asia.) So the team changed the logo.


Cardiff City used to wear blue jerseys. They wore blue jerseys for as long as anyone can remember. When Tan bought the team, though, he changed the team’s colors to red. Why? Because Tan really likes red, and he thought red would sell better in Asia, where he comes from.

Forget that Cardiff City’s team is known as the “bluebirds.” Tan likes red and thought the color change would sell jerseys in Asia, so Cardiff City became red.

The latest news to infuriate the fans is that Tan now wants to change the name of the club from Cardiff City F.C. to Cardiff Dragons.

However, western media and Cardiff fans fail to recognised that Cardiff perform better and newly promoted to Premier league after 51 years, since the change of colour from blue to red and change of it logo! A miracle or Fengshui?

Few day ago, Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan has sealed an agreement to take over the control and management of Bosnia's Premiere League football club Sarajevo,

Given the way he treated startup he invested. It is unlikely that he will let Manager runn the football club he invested. Seed capital or startup investment cost less than a football club. Why he want to give up control if he have spend so much money on it and he is more likely an advisor that management must listen.
Vincent Tan and Malky Mackay Vincent Tan changed his mind about Malky Mackay's future at the club at the weekend

Tan Sri Vincent Tan's daughter, Chryseis Tan Sheik Ling used to show off her Hermes and other branded goods on her Instagram . Her instagram have 5,000++ follower todate

Chryseis Tan Sheik Ling and her Hermes

However, as she never hold any position in public listed company. We will not specially feature her in our Corporate Princess series.

Tan Sri other son's are Dato' Robin Tan Yeong Ching, Rayvin Tan Yeong Sheik, Tan U-Ming, and daughter's are  Nerine Tan Sheik PingMorvin, Euvin , Nevin and his youngest daughter is Chrystal Tan.

Update : Tan a hard-nosed businessman

丹斯里陈志远 退而不休英国殖民时代的顾问


他计划把3家私人持有的企业上市,包括大马7-Eleven有限公司、MOL全球有限公司(MOL Global)及U Mobile。因此,相信这将引起投资者的注意。
之前传他要将英国加的夫球会(Cardiff City)在新加坡上市;他介入球会,把儿子密友捧上转会总监的位子,让陈志远在足球市场上声名大噪。



除了上市计划之外,还有股权脱售也是其中一项焦点。他早前提及因为与旗下的Cosway Pharmacy有利益冲突,有意脱售刚上市的康宁药剂(CARING,5245,主板贸服股)20.35%股份。

丹斯里陈志远之女Chryseis Tan陈雪铃,时在instagram展示她的爱马仕(Hermes)包包.她的instagram现在有五千多追随者.



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