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Sunday, 5 January 2014

What happen in 2013 2013年最资深有经验美丽的企业公主

Some radio still commenting on what happen in 2013 this week despite we have entered 2014..

I think we also should spend some time on this topic also.

Highest hit page in 2013

Our highest hit page in 2013 is Corporate Pricess 3 : Ruth Yeoh and siblings  . First, there is search from Taiwan reader when rumour of Jacob Yeoh marriage Taiwan legislation speaker's daughter  break out

However, the search of "Jacob Yeoh"and "Jacob Yeoh wedding"continue until today, even the above rumours proof not correct. However, there is little income we received from this page. Traffic from Taiwan was on top traffic received for no more than one week.

Highest income event in 2013

The highest income event for our blog is Company related to Dian Lee suspended by Singapore Stock Exchange after plunge  on penny stock like Blumont, LionGold and Asiansons. It is second highest hit page after above page but income from this event. higher as traffic spread among few other page like Dian Lee, Soh Cheen Wen and Lee Kim Yew, etc.

Top 3 country's reader

Our reader mainly from
1 Malaysia
2 Singapore
3 United state

It is difficult to determine the fourth place as the country vary every week, usually either Hong Kong or Australia. Thailand usually at the bottom of top 10 list and in some week, it doesn't appear on top 10 list at all.

Top income country

Despite our reader from Malaysia. Our top income from Singapore. Either Singapore advertisement are more attractive and reader are more likely to click or Singapore reader are more likely to click an advertisement than Malaysia reader.

Moving forward, we will cover more on Singapore counter as it generate more income.

Most experienced  Corporate Princess

Among all corporate princess we cover in 2013. We find that Sunway's Sarena Cheah with most solid experience.

She have a short stint with IBM, then she have experienced in Sales and Marketing Department, audit and most important, experience in strategy, corporate planning and development Department

She have 15 years of experienced before promoted to CEO, and only a joint CEO. This is common in property development company where one CEO looking at Engineering
 and technical side of company and another CEO cover finance and marketing. With another joint CEO to cover technical site. Together with 15 years experience prior appointment as a joint CEO of the Sunway. There is little chance she can get it wrong and it is lower risk compare to other Corporate Princess we have cover.

Most beautiful Corporate Princess in 2013

Jane Leong of Mah Sing has been  vote Most Beautiful Corporate Princess on
However, Kuok Hui Kwong of South China Post has been voted as Most Beauty Corporate Princess on our Facebook page and page

Thus, daughter of Robert Kuok has been voted as Most beautiful Corporate Princess in 2013 voted by our reader.


Most eligible Corporate Princes 2013

Jane Leong of Mah Sing also voted second beautiful on page, other than get most vote on

Thus, Jane Leong of Mah Sing is most eligible corporate Princess in 2013

Most enterprising Corporate Princess

Dian Lee is the only corporate princess that venture out on her own by co-founding Clear Water Development and never work for her father. She is definitely the only enterprising Corporate Princess cover by us.

Least career minded Corporate Princess

We never officially feature her on our Corporate Princess series, as we unable to find she hold any position nor shareholding in public listed company. She is daughter of controversial Cardiff City's Tan Sri Vincent Tan, Chryseis Tan. However, her instagram have 5,000++ follower today.



謝富年千金谢燕蒂被编辑选为 2013年最资深有经验的企业公主.






根据读者在面子书investalks.com的投票. 郭鹤年女儿郭惠光被读者选为2013年最美丽的企业公主


读者在佳礼投票选马星集团梁婧屹为最美丽的企业公主.在investalks.com的投票.她得到第二高的票. 但总票郭惠光.被选为2013年最有条件的单身企业公主




我们没有正式的在我们的企业公主系列中报道她. 因为我们找不到任何有关她任职上市公司或在上市公司有股权. 她就是英国加的夫球会丹斯里陈志远毕业于日本早稻田大学长女Chryseis Tan陈雪铃. 但,她的instagram现在有五千多追随者.

最新Update : 大马富商女儿怎么玩奢侈
揭秘马来西亚富豪陈志远女儿奢侈生活 名包名表如玩具
英超华裔老板千金曝光 生活奢侈名表如玩具 (图)
英超华裔老板千金曝光 生活奢侈名表如玩具

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