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Saturday, 11 March 2017

How China's single party political system spawn such achievement

In an exclusive interview with The Star. Malaysia Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak express his Fascination with China and said:

What’s interesting and almost an irony that a single party system in China can do two things. It can engender good leadership that believes in the principle of meritocracy. You have to prove yourself every step of the way. If you trace Xi Jinping’s history, he started as deputy mayor, then mayor, then governor and so on. He was tested at every step of the way. So they are able to pick the best to become future leaders.

Secondly, it’s interesting to look at how they could engender big entrepreneurs, the movers and shakers, the Jack Ma (executive chairman of Alibaba Group), the Wang of the world (Wang Jianlin, chairman of Wanda Group). How on earth did a single party political system spawn so many movers and shakers?

They are so creative and able to invest huge amounts of capital in China and abroad. That fascinated me. It defies Western thinking that you’ve got to have western democracy, individualism, not too much control, only then can you create innovation and spawn creativity. But the results say otherwise. The outcome has made China the most exciting place on earth today. It is the happening place and nowhere else can compare with what I saw in China.

To many people. It is very difficult to understand.

Recently, China's CCTV4 (Astro Channel 334) air a history drama on architect of current economy of China : Deng Xiao Ping,"Historical Transition of Deng Xiao Ping" everyday between 2.15pm to 5.30pm. 

You can watch how a Single party system how to reach consensus, make decision. You would discover the decision making process of Single party system is more democratic than many democracy country. 

You can watch how Deng Xianping lead, transform a communist country into a meritocracy economy.

Unfortunately, it is already episode 22 tomorrow. It is second time I saw CCTV4 (Astro Channel 334) air such drama. 

For those who like to watch the earlier part of the Drama. Can watch it on Youtube :

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