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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Corporate Princess 12 : Gadang's Kok Pei Ling and sister.企业公主系列12 : 嘉登控股郭佩灵郭佩馨

 Ms Kok Pei Ling (right) and sister (left), who are the daughter of Tan Sri Dato' Kok Onn, the Managing Director cum Chief Executive Officer and a major shareholder of Gadang Holdings Bhd - (9261) (GADANG)

Ms Kok Pei Ling, aged 31, joined the Board on 2 January 2013 as an Executive Director. She has been the Company’s Chief Financial Officer since September 2009.

According to website of Gadang. Ms Kok graduated from University of Melbourne, Australia with a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and Management) Degree in 2003.

She began her career as a consultant for Corporate Recovery and Insolvency in BDO Capital Consultants Sdn Bhd from April 2004 to June 2006. She then joined OSK Investment Bank Berhad as an Associate for Debt Capital Markets from June 2006 to May 2007. Prior to joining Gadang in September 2009, she was the Assistant Manager (Investment Banking) of OCBC Bank (M) Berhad.

Tan Sri Dato’ Kok Onn, a Malaysian, aged 62, joined the Board on 10 March 1997 as the Joint Managing Director of Gadang and was subsequently appointed as the Managing Director cum Chief Executive   Officer on 2 September 1997.

Prior to joining  Gadang,  Tan  Sri Dato’ Kok Onn was the Group Chief Executive Officer of Bridgecon. He was also the founder of Bridgecon Engineering Sdn Bhd (“BESB”), the wholly-owned subsidiary of Bridgecon. The track record of BESB was used to list Bridgecon on the Second Board of the Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad on 16 November 1994.

Tan Sri Dato’ Kok Onn’s exposure in the construction industry began in 1972 and has been involved in the industry for more than 40 years. 

Tan Sri Dato’ Kok Onn was also the person who transformed Bridgecon from a pure  construction  company to activities involving manufacturing and supply of readymixed concrete, concrete pumping, quarrying, property and resort  development and on international aspect.

Tan Sri Dato’ Kok Onn is an Angel investor where he invested in Green Packet before other venture capital like OSK invested in the company and before it IPO. Now, Tan Sri Dato' Kok onn still a Non-Independent Non-Executive Director of Green Packet Berhad.

企业公主系列11 : 嘉登控股郭佩灵郭佩馨
嘉登控股首席財务员郭佩灵,也是嘉登控股董事经理兼首席执行员丹斯里郭安的女儿。嘉登控股(9261)23April 2014举行股东特别大会,董事经理丹斯里郭安﹝中﹞和他的2位女儿郭佩馨(﹝左)﹞及郭佩灵﹝(右)﹞齐齐亮相。