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Monday, 14 October 2013

Soh Chee Wen involved in 3 designated stock in SGX 苏启文牵扯新加坡交易所股价3“指定股”暴跌停牌

The fallout stemming from the massive sell-off of Blumont Group Ltd, Asiasons Capital Ltd and LionGold Corp Ltdis rocking the foundation of these companies and raising questions.

 The spectacular collapse after a steep rise in the share prices of the those companies have now caused tongues to wag.

Names of shadowy figures behind the scene are whispered in circles in Malaysia, who are quite used to the idea of “operators” pushing up share prices of stocks on Bursa Malaysia in the past.

The rumour mill is in overdrive with the view that one Malaysian-tycoon is the invisible hand behind all the three companies as well as handful of others on the SGX, that are linked to this group.

A tenuous link?

While reports have highlighted that the companies involved in the selldown were linked through a complex web of shareholdings, it is difficult to prove those companies are controlled by one group or party.

The Edge reported that the current play is on stocks linked to businessman Soh Chee Wen.

Sources said company link to Soh chee Wen included Magnus Energy Group LtdInnopac Holdings Limited IPCO International Ltd  and Annica.

Sources said that Soh chee Wen started invest in Innopac、IPCO International Ltd and Annica in 2000。And he only invested in Magnus Energy Group Ltd in 2003 and 2004。

Innopac acquisition of Australia's listed Merlin Diamonds gain much attention recently.

IPCO International Ltd 、Innopa和Annica and related party has gain 60% of Merlin Diamonds

Mr Lee Chai Huat bought 24 mln shares (a 13.65% stake) in Merlin Diamonds, through Newton Centre Development Ltd, on January 17.

He also bought placement shares in IPCO International on April 13, 2011 and also in Innopac Holdings on April 7, 2010. IPCO International Ltd is one of the substantial shareholders of Innopac.

herefore that makes him very close to people at IPCO and Innopac.

Lee Chai Huat has served as an assistant to Dato' John Soh Chee Wen about 2000 when John Soh was facing charges regarding Omega Securities scandal in Malaysia.

Gary Tan Boon Kiat is another such individual who bought 22 mln shares (a 12.51% stake) in Merlin Diamonds on March 8, with an announcement following two weeks later on March 21.

According to Reuters, Gary Tan Boon Kiat owns a 2.41% stake in Innopac and a 6.41% stake in Kuantan Flour Mills Bhd.

Asiasons has a 26% stake in another SGX-listed company ISR Capital. Datuk Md Wira Dani Daim (son of former finance minister Tun Daim Zainuddin) also owns close to 18% in ISR. Wira Dani also owns 6.35% in LionGold and 16.5% in Magnus Energy Group Ltd

Asiasons owns 8.41% in Lion gold, single largest shareholder.

Asiasons co-founded by Datuk Jared Lim, a former investment banker with Avenue Securities Sdn Bhd and husband of Dian Lee.

Dian Lee's Clearwater Development owns 10.62% in Blumont

 IPCO International Ltd owns 9.71% of  Blumont.

Meanwhile, Dian Lee's Clearwater Development owns 9.22% in Innopac. Blumont and IPCO International Ltd  owns 8.67% and 8.2% respectively.

A tenuous link?

Update : Lim, Azlan claim no link to Soh

新加坡交易所股价暴跌停牌 3“指定股”牵扯苏启文

全国 2013-10-13 08:50


(吉隆坡12日讯)《The Edge》财经周刊报道,上周因股价暴跌被下令停牌和列入“指定股”的三家新加坡股票,几乎都和我国股市前红人拿督苏启文有关联。

新加坡3家挂牌公司股票暴跌40%至60%而被停牌的公司,包括博诺(Blumont)、亚昇投资(Asiasons)和瑞狮集团(Lion Gold),股价均先飙涨,随后暴挫。


多名大马人持股的这3家公司在周一(10月7日)已复牌,但被新加坡交易所列为“指定股”(designated securities),必须遵守额外交易限制,不可“买空卖空”。













Clearwater发展由亚昇投资联合创办人拿督林杰尔的妻子———李静霖( 企业公主系列2 )掌控,她也是大马绿野集团主席丹斯里李金友的女儿。




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