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Monday, 27 January 2014

Corporate Princess 10 : Hong Leong's Quek Sue Yian

Hong Leong 's Quek Leng Chan have 2 sons one daughter. One of his son  Quek Kon Sean married Carmen Chua

Tan Sri Quek only daughter Quek Sue Yian reported to be become sister in law of Jeon Ji-hyun (全智贤). Quek Sue Yian's husband Choi Joon reported to be works for Ssangyong Engineering and Construction, serving in the firm's Malaysian branch.

Quek Sue Yian operate a child book publisher MagicBird Publishing. There is two contradict report on her age. She was said 32 (35 now)when  she get married but was said 38 last year (39 now).

At one point, She was representing Hong Leong Foundation on Hong Leong's CSR programme.

When interview by The Edge's Edgy last year. She said: " I was a lawyer, useless lawyer, then a banker, useless banker.........It just not my call"

She found her passion on child book publishing recently and become a children's rights advocate.

Quek Sue Yian has initiated a social enterprise called One for One books and works this way: for every book that a consumer buys, an identical one will be donated to under-served children or communities to start their own library.

At the moment, books sold under the One for One programme include those from MagicBird Publishing, as well as three other publishers – Oyez!, Penguin and Scholastics.

Besides One for One, Quek also started what she calls “Wisdom Clubs” where children can discuss the books that they read as well as the ideas within them.

On the One for One website , the description of the Wisdom Club stresses on the fact that there are no right or wrong answers in these discussions. What matters is that the children discover things for themselves.


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